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5 Ways To Support Gut Health

For the Entire Family!

by Dr. Christine Kaczmar

5 Ways To Support Gut Health, Image: Africa Studio/
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When it comes to your overall health, the gut is not to be ignored. In fact, are you aware that your gut has its own “brain” or nervous system? The enteric nervous system has more nerve cells than your brain and spinal cord. As complicated as the digestive system is, I have 5 simple and easy tips for you to keep your gut happy and healthy.

1 Chew your food thoroughly - There is no need to count 36 times. Instead, chew your food until it is a cake-like or pudding consistency. Remember, your stomach doesn’t have teeth. Take your time to eat. Be mindful. Do not rush.

2 Lay off the icy drinks - Your stomach prefers a warmer temperature to work its magic. The more ice-cold your drinks are, the slower the digestive process. Icy drinks mixed with food increases the likelihood for burping, bloat and gas.

3 Eat more green - I encourage all of my patients to eat one big leafy salad each day. This is paramount for your body’s amino acids and electrolytes. To alkalize your body, it is best to do this through eating more fruits and vegetables versus drinking alkaline water.

4 Eat enough fat and protein - These macronutrients are responsible for energy, growth and repair of the body, hormone creation and so much more. If you are not eating enough of them, imagine how this weakens the entire digestive system. A good rule of thumb is to eat 60 grams of fat or more per day and 80 grams of protein per day. High quality fats include: avocados, coconut flakes, macadamia nuts, grass-fed butter. High quality proteins include: wild-caught fish, organic poultry, hemp, lentils, beans, pastured eggs.

5 Eat more bitter foods - The truth is, many digestive complaints are derived from too little stomach acid. Did you know it is physiologically impossible to make too much stomach acid? Foods that help to initiate healthy stomach acid and thereby enhanced digestion include arugula, ginger, dandelion root, lemon, radicchio, artichoke, and so on. These little wonders pack a punch to elicit quality digestive activity.

Christine Kaczmar, D.C. is a functional medicine doctor and enzyme nutritionist practicing in Shelby Township, Michigan. She specializes in Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, chronic constipation, heartburn and more. She is the author of Gut Check - How The Broken Medical Model is Creating More Sickness And Why Timeless Healing Principles Are Needed Now. You may learn more about Dr. Christine by calling 586-685-2222 or visiting her website:

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