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A Feast of Light
by Marlaina Donato

A Feast of Light, FireplaceSocks-GettyImages

Despite the whirlwind of our to-do and places-to-go lists, the wheel of the year turns once more, allowing us to close another chapter of our lives with grace. If we take a breath, we might notice December’s invitation to kick off our shoes, curl up in our favorite chair and drop down into our heart space.

Whether we light scented candles for ambience, drink cocoa while sitting around a bonfire or continue time-honored spiritual customs, welcoming the light can ignite hope when we need it most. By cultivating the inner sun, that place deep within us that blazes with resilience and plenty, we not only fortify ourselves, but everyone around us.

Throughout the year, many of us invest in making healthy choices, but neglect soul sustenance. Swapping trivial distractions for more face-to-face conversations, answering someone’s forgotten email or bringing a homemade pot of soup to a neighbor that is busy packing for a move creates a feast of light during all seasons.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,” wrote Gautama Buddha, and perhaps we would be astounded to see how far the smallest gesture can travel. Inviting a friend that has no family to a holiday dinner or out for coffee, spending more quality time with a child or buying a gift card for the receptionist at the dental office begets a chain reaction of small joys. When we fill our bellies with everyday magic, slow down to finish a cup of tea, turn off the news and notice the crescent moon nestled in the twilight, we become more inclined to feel blessed.

A few worthy inspirations to pass along:
Make it a spiritual offering to choose joy today
Close the year by letting go of a grievance or an outdated belief
Tell someone how they bring light into your life
Share a favorite book that is inspiring
Acquire a new source of light—a lantern or salt lamp—for your favorite room
Leave an uplifting quote on a loved one’s voicemail

Marlaina Donato is an author, painter and composer. Connect at WildflowerLady.com.

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