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Natural Awakenings of East Michigan can be picked up free each month at hundreds and hundreds of individual businesses in the Northern Detroit Suburbs of Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, Genesee and Lapeer counties. These include local health food and supplement stores, fitness centers, book stores, healthcare facilities and practices, Yoga and Pilates studios, restaurants, grocery stores, libraries, pet-related businesses and many, many more types of businesses-wherever free publications are generally seen. 

Need to find a business near you to pick up our magazine?

Are you looking for a distribution location near you? Email us your location and we'll reply with some of our key locations* near you that are convenient and where you can find Natural Awakenings FREE each and every month.

*Key locations are those that we do our best to insure will always have the magazine on hand, whether it's through restocking methods, leaving large enough quantities initially so they do not run out during the month and those who provide a suitable location within their business that gives the magazine good exposure (easy to find).

To contact us for a list of "key" locations near you, click hereInclude your address and zip code.

Want to become a distribution location for Natural Awakenings?

Would you like to be added to our list of valued distribution locations? It's FREE! We drop them off each month and take away any leftovers for recycling or use at upcoming expos/events. (Note: a minimum number of distributed copies may be required for each location to circulate each month.)

We consider our distribution network and practices to be among the most effective of any publication in our market.

Advertisers in Natural Awakenings are able to reach affluent, well-educated and health-conscious readers who are seeking resources that will improve their health and well-being...naturally!

Unlike many other conventional forms of print, there is no wasted readership. Readers are in interested our niche' and tell us they read Natural Awakenings "from cover to cover." Our "pull" circulation means that only interested readers have Natural Awakenings...because they have to consciously make an effort to take the time and pick it up! These two conditions, plus our strong network of locations, create a strong, targeted "reach" for advertisers, writers, those who list in our calendar and others who participate in each issue of Natural Awakenings!

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