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Age-Reversing and Regeneration Retreat in Mexico

Aurora Juliana Ariel, Ph.D.

An advanced age-reversing healing and quantum regeneration retreat with pioneering doctor in psychology and holistic health Aurora Juliana Ariel, Ph.D., a leader among a team of experts in cutting-edge stem cell therapies, will take place from January 17 to 23, 2024, in Cancun, Mexico.

Highlights will include a blend of advanced anti-aging stem cell therapy protocols along with spiritual psychology technology, age-reversing subconscious re-coding, Master Divine healers and more, all geared to restore youthful health and beauty from the inside out.

Participants will experience the Total Regeneration Training and Healing protocols each day plus a partial day of stem cell therapy IV and treatments of their choice, all at an outstanding, world-class clinic. Healing circles will address the inner causes of aging, distress and disease that can cause the body to degenerate.

The basic retreat cost of $4444.00 includes staying in a luxurious oceanfront resort room, healing circles and trainings with Dr. Ariel and a free consultation with a top U.S. doctor in stem cell therapy to design an individual plan at additional costs for optional stem cell therapy packages, along with free transportation to and from the nearby clinic.

For more information or to register, call 239-207-2775 or visit their website at gem.godaddy.com/s/2b50b61


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