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Average, Normal, Regular, Ordinary

EFT Can Help Wraparound Sessions Used for Counseling

Average, Normal, Regular, Ordinary

"Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can be used to diminish internal resistances during wraparound sessions," says Annette R. Richards, Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and Advanced EFT Practitioner."

According to the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services website, wraparound is a planning process that is designed to create an individualized plan to meet the needs of children and their families by utilizing their strengths.

"During the 90's I was trained as a facilitator for community wraparound," says Richards. "The idea was to use the juvenile court, special education and mental health systems to help adolescents achieve at their peer level."

According to Richards, to identify needs and strengths of the individual, the facilitator of a wraparound group could pose questions such as What are other 14 year olds at school doing, who are doing ok?

"Yes, just ok," explains Richards, "because the point is to help not just the adolescent but also his parents, teachers, probation officer see him or her as average, normal, regular and ordinary; and assist with realistic expectations for all."

This is followed by questions such as, are they following rules at school 100% of the time, or, are they following rules at home 100% of the time?

"The idea," she says, "is to drill down to what is the minimum necessary for all kids (or adults) to be successful, which is average, normal, regular and organary. Each segment of life is evaluated: vocational, family, friends, hobbies, clubs, employment, spirituality, etc."

"Today," says Richards, "EFT can easily be applied to eliminate confining or self-defeating beliefs and fears that might surface from asking such questions. Using this simple idea of average, normal, regular, reordinary; and drilling down with a peer group question; is a great way to assist people in achieving productive and personally-satisfying living."

Annette R. Richards, LMSW, AAMET practices mind & body healing at Emotional Freedom Techniques Services, LLC, in Oakland County, MI. For more information on EFT and/or Wraparound, contact Richards at 248-334-9214 or visit her website at


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