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Solutions for Spring Allergies, Image: Natural Immune System Support Eases Airborne and Food Allergies
by Lee Rossano 

- No matter what allergens, whether food, environmental/chemical or airborne pollens, trigger an individual’s spring allergies, all allergies have this in common: they perpetuate themselves by aggravating the immune system. Allergies are a sign of a tired immune system. Constant sinus infection and rounds of antibiotics deplete the immune system as well as create...

Drink Beet Juice to Lower Blood Pressure, Image: Study Shows Beetroot Juice Relaxes and Widens Blood Vessels 
- Hypertension is a global disease that particularly affects people in low-income communities, but a new study by the UK University of Nottingham suggests that beetroot juice may be a practical solution for people with high blood pressure that have little access to...

Consider Curcumin and Nano-Curcumin for Heart Health, Image: Study Shows Both Types Improved Cholesterol, Triglyceride and LDL-C Levels 
- Iranian researchers tested 90 patients undergoing elective heart angioplasty, giving one group 500 milligrams (mg) curcumin, the second group 80 mg nano-curcumin, and the third a placebo. After...

Hope for Respiratory Tract Infections, Image: Propolis and Vitamins A, E and D 
- Two new studies offer hope for dealing with the winter’s respiratory woes. Propolis, the resin-like substance made by bees from plants to build their hives, has been used for centuries to...

Detoxing from the Ground Up, Image: Use Humates for Rich Soil and a Healthy Body 
- A healthy home starts with the ground underneath it, and healthy ground starts with humates. Also called humic acid, humates add trace minerals to and remove toxins from soil. They can even supplement drinking...

Detox Deeply with Exercise and Massage Therapy, Image: Spring Cleaning for the Body
By Jason Eagle 

- A clean sponge is needed for spring cleaning, and the body is like a sponge that needs to be cleaned—by detoxifying it. The first level of detox (classic detox) includes cleaning up one’s diet, by taking specific detoxifying herbs and products or...

Understanding Environmental Medicine, Image: How Environmental Factors Influence Our Health and Behavior 
- "Human adipose (fat) tissue from U.S. residents has revealed 700+ chemical contaminants that have not been chemically identified while more than 80,000+ chemicals and toxicants have been developed, distributed and discarded into...

Improving Indoor Air Quality, Image: Tips for Controlling Our Indoor Environment 
- We contribute to outdoor air pollution in hundreds of subtle ways. While ultimately outdoor air pollution must be reduced as a matter of public policy, individuals still make a difference. Limiting the use of chemicals and making energy-efficient choices will reduce your personal contribution. We each have so much...

Regenerative Medicine Comes to DentistryPlatelet-Rich Fibrin and Laser Therapies Enhance Healing 
- Regenerative dentistry may be the appropriate approach for patients whose damaged jaw and oral tissues increase the risk of conventional surgical procedures. The regenerative modalities of...

Improve Your Heart Rate Variability, Image: Have a Healthy, Strong Heart 
- It is said that a good, strong heart is like music...steady and on the beat. This means, for example, that if a heart is beating 60 times per minute, each beat would be...

The Beauty of Hormonal Balance in Menopause, Image: Relieve Unpleasant Symptoms with BioIdentical Hormones 
- Menopause is the time when a woman says good-bye to her reproductive years and ushers in a time of hormone imbalances. Many experience unpleasant symptoms such as...

Vitamin D Important for Reducing Risk of Preeclampsia, Image: Storyblocks.comStudy from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health  
- Something as simple as a mother’s vitamin D level can have a future impact on her children, a study from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Government Updates Risks of Amalgam Fillings, Image: kevin bation/Unsplash.comMay Cause Health Problems for Some High-Risk Groups 
- In updated guidelines, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning that dental amalgam fillings may cause health problems for some high-risk groups because of mercury vapor leaks. Among those advised to

Use Glass Baby Bottles to Avoid Microplastic Particles, Image: gresei/Adobestock.comNew Study by Trinity College Dublin 
- Polypropylene baby bottles­—which comprise 82 percent of the global baby bottle market—release an “extraordinary” number of microplastic particles, reports a new study by Trinity College Dublin. In a study

HB Peppers 202102 tReduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease 
- Regular consumption of chili peppers can reduce the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 26 percent and from cancer by 23 percent, suggests a review of 4,729 studies involving

Try Ginger Extract for Hay Fever, Image: Storyblocks.comHelp for People Suffering From Allergic Rhinitis 
- For people suffering from the miseries of allergic rhinitis, better known as hay fever, ginger extract can be just as effective as the popular pharmaceutical

Achieving Your Goals with Hypnotherapy, Image: Promote New, Healthier Thoughts and Actions
- Each year, many people consciously decide to create change by making resolutions and setting goals. But for most, this effort is short-lived and old patterns win out. This cycle is frustrating and can oftentimes

The Heart Sound Recorder, Image: Dr. Theresa M. Pigott preparing the Heart Sound RecorderNoninvasive Wellness Monitor Identifies Nutritional Deficiencies
- In this confusing time with hundreds of “proven diets,” thousands of nutrition books, conflicting research and advice for diet and lifestyle, how are people to know what is best for their bodies? Many feel as though they are on their own while

Balancing Hormones “Flips the Switch” for Weight LossRecognizing the difference between the good hormone leptin, and the bad hormone ghrelin is the first step and the

Genetic Testing for Truly Individualized Health Care, Image: Maximize Your Potential to Promote Optimal Health 
- Many today are seeking more natural solutions for staying healthy or to help with a chronic health condition. For some, prescription medications might cause reactions or dysfunction, surgery may not be an option, or

Tissue Regeneration, Image: Safe, Noninvasive Help for Arthritis, Joint Disease and More 
- Regenerative medicine in the form of exosomes and umbilical stem cells may be the way to go for those suffering with pain, stiffness and inflammation associated with arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint disease and

Improve Muscle Strength with Schisandra, Image: alex coan/  - Schisandra chinensis, an ornamental, woody vine with pink leaves and bright red berries, has long been used as an adaptogen in China and Russia to lower stress, improve immunity and...

Retain Muscle Mass with Vitamin C, Image: prathsnap/Pexels.comEating Citrus and Vegetable Daily Can Help Seniors 
- “Bulking up” evokes images of bodybuilders and possible steroid use, but new research shows that older people that simply eat lots of vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables have greater skeletal muscle mass than

Practice Yoga to Improve Atrial Fibrillation, Image: elly fairytale/Pexels.comPatients also reported improved moods and energy 
- Yoga postures and breathing may significantly reduce episodes of atrial fibrillation, suggests a new study—good news for the one in 11 Americans that suffer from its anxiety-producing palpitations, racing pulses, dizziness and shortness of breath. In the study, which was

Massage Helps With Exercise Routine, Image: Sustain Performance, Manage Inflammation and Speed Recovery 
- Whether you are a professional athlete or participating in an amateur sports league with your friends, exercise can provide significant benefits. However, exercise, when not managed correctly, can also lead to injury. To ensure that you...

Essentials for Glowing Skin, Image: Effective Ingredients and Simple, Results-Driven Steps 
- The need to avoid harsh chemicals in favor of naturally soothing ingredients on skin is clear to Holly Cutler, creator of The Skin Saint™ product line, which is free of problematic components such as parabens, sulfates and formaldehyde. She is the owner of