Bloomfield Hills Practitioner Brings Cutting-Edge Improvements to Patients

Natural Awakenings News: Bloomfield Hills Practitioner Brings Cutting-Edge Improvements to Patients
Sue Shoha DDS

The practice of Sue Shoha, DDS addresses the importance of teeth, gums and jaws in relation to the rest of the body by utilizing innovation and a dedicated focus on non-toxic and bio-compatible treatment. With the individual assessment of each adult or child patient, improvement is road-mapped through green techniques, including reduced-radiation digital X-rays and mercury- and fluoride-free therapies.

As part of several Shoha family-member practices in the area devoted to medicine, her plethora of advanced remedies includes those for same-day crowns, decay repair, cosmetic enhancement, snore-prevention specialty devices, cancer screening, laser therapies for TMJ, Invisalign Orthodontics. Patients receive stress-free experiences through the addition of music headphones to overcome surrounding sounds, eye and neck pillows, calming botanicals and tension-relieving cranial massage. Shoha also follows the strict protocols of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) to remove mercury-amalgam fillings.

With drill-free Air-Abrasion eliminating heat and pressure, typical drilling sounds and vibrations are gone. Most effective for shallow cavities, Air-Abrasion produces healthier tissue and lessens the risk of fracturing or chipping teeth.

“With this, a specially-designed hand-piece precisely sprays small abrasive particles on the tooth's surface to abrade decay, often without need for a local anesthetic or laughing gas,” says Shoha. “It improves the bond strength of filling materials while providing an optimal bonding surface – and leads to dentist appointments without anxiety, especially for more nervous patients.”

Extolling oxygen as a fundamental healer has led to the emergence of an oxygen/ozone mixture for treating disease; pure oxygen is meshed with an electrical spark for maximum effect.

“We offer an assortment of ozone-infused products because ozone is a powerful natural disinfectant,” says Shoha. “We use medical-grade ozone in a multitude of ways, including disinfection of the water supply in our treatment rooms.”

Shoha, likewise, advocates the use of lasers for TMJ pain, inflammation and muscle tension in the neck and head, promoting better blood flow and improving oxygenation and lymphatic drainage.

Dr. Sue Shoha, D.D. S. is at 50 West Big Beaver, Suite 120, Bloomfield Hills. For more information call 248-648-3660 or visit


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