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Conscious Living & Loving
Developing a Life and Relationships That Reflect the Real You

by Anahid Lisa Derbabian, MA, LPC, NCC

Conscious Living & Loving,

Imagine learning to live and love consciously, and to create the life that you are meant to live! You can develop a life and relationships that reflect the real you, your deep desires, and purpose.

We Unknowingly Live and Love Unconsciously
It is easy to live unconsciously, disconnected from ourselves, making decisions that affect us yet do not reflect us. Our life and relationships may feel blah, disappointing and empty. And, we believe the lie that this is all we get in life.

Instead of actively choosing our desired life and relationships, we unknowingly exist passively. When momentarily inspired, our negative thinking demeans and stops us.

Unconscious living is when you:
➢ Eat without awareness of exactly what and how much
➢ Make school/career decisions based on others’ wants instead of yours
➢ Go through the motions of life and accept a disappointing life

Unconscious relationships are when you:
➢ Maintain an unhealthy and/or abusive friend or love partner
➢ Choose to marry because of external pressure versus internal desire
➢ Give away your power
➢ Enter patterns of reacting, arguing, and instigating

Attract the Life That You Want
Make a daring decision to live consciously, awaken in each moment, self-connected, with intuitive and powerful decisions. Naturally attract people, situations, and experiences that reflect you and your desires. Envision feeling happy, free, fulfilled, powerful and alive.

Consciously Live

To live consciously:
➢ Be deeply aware of who you are and what you want
➢ Focus on your desires, instead of external pressures and influences
➢ Release negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns that trample your spirit
➢ Shift into the present moment throughout each day
➢ Ask constantly: Does this decision reflect me and the life that I want?
➢ Let go of doing, and step into being

Consciously Love

Conscious relationships start by nurturing your most important relationships–your relationship with yourself and with your higher power:
➢ Consistently express your love/appreciation to those who you appreciate
➢ Naturally attract people of a complementary nature, energy and values by honoring you
➢ As like attract likes, on your dating profile vulnerably reflect your depth, style, and desires
➢ Proactively determine what a healthy friendship or marriage feels like
➢ Respond, rather than react, in relationships
➢ Learn balance and to set healthy boundaries

Make a powerful pivot toward conscious living and loving. Get ready for transformation and forward movement toward your joy, loving relationships and life’s adventures!

Anahid Lisa Derbabian, MA, LPC, NCC, is a Troy, Michigan, Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach and Healer who helps people create the life they are meant to live. Named Transformative Leader in 2019 by MichBusiness, Derbabian helps clients via office and online sessions.

For more information call 248-202-0583, email her directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit her website at:

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