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Detox at the DNA Level

Diagnoses of Genetic Mutations Direct Protocols at Detox Day Spa

Natural Awakenings News: Diagnoses of Genetic Mutations Direct Protocols at Detox Day Spa
 Anthony Beven

Detox Day Spa Nutritional Coaching in Troy now offers comprehensive at-home DNA testing for adults and adolescents with mutations in the MTHFR gene, which controls detoxification and processing of folate. This includes analysis and scoring of all genes within the MTHFR group, including C677T, A1298C, MTR, MTRR, COM and CBS, as well as the detoxification, inflammation, oxidative stress, bone health, lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity gene groups.

Anthony Beven, Detox Day Spa owner and certified live blood analyst, says, “This DNA test is a game changer for all chronic illness suffers. Misdiagnosis is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Chronic illness sufferers have one or more mutations with their MTHFR detox genes. DNA tests provide an individualized genetic roadmap to self-guided healing. Within 7–14 business days, you’ll receive a complete and detailed PDF report with your results and recommendations.”

Other DNA tests include estrogen, diet, skin, mind, sport & drug reports, which are reviewed and signed off on by a registered pharmacist. Detox Day Spa also offers its trademarked chronic illness protocol to new and existing clients, which includes the option of medical grade supplements.

To purchase a $360 DNA swab kit/analysis or $750 DNA drug report, visit their website:, where credit cards, FSAs and HSAs are accepted. Tests can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. For more information or to schedule coaching, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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