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Detox Deeply with Exercise and Massage Therapy

Spring Cleaning for the Body

By Jason Eagle

Detox Deeply with Exercise and Massage Therapy -

A clean sponge is needed for spring cleaning, and the body is like a sponge that needs to be cleaned—by detoxifying it. The first level of detox (classic detox) includes cleaning up one’s diet, by taking specific detoxifying herbs and products or an internal cleanse like a colonic. All the tissues in the body, including joints and bones, need to be cleansed as well. While the classic forms of detox eventually detox throughout the bloodstream, the most effective way to detox these tissues is through movement, stretching, bodywork and temperature therapies.

Think of a dirty sponge. When you put it into a bucket of clean water, then take it out, the outside of the sponge will appear clean. With a good squeeze, though, a lot of dirty water will drain out. The best way to clean that sponge is to squeeze it in the clean water, dump the dirty water and then add fresh water. Something similar to that sponge can be done to the body.

Movements like brisk walking, bouncing on a mini trampoline and calisthenic movements like jumping jacks or jump roping pump the lymphatic system and other fluids inside and around the joints and bones. Deep stretching therapies like yoga and Pilates, done to the point of stretching at the tendon until you feel a slight burn–and sweet release is just the ticket.

Bodywork by a licensed massage therapist using twisting movements and deep tissue work acts like wringing out the muscles. Techniques like myofascial release, neuromuscular massage, trigger point therapy and the Swedish technique are invaluable in achieving the deep form of detoxification.

Lastly, use the forces of nature itself to squeeze yourself out. Hot is expansive and cold is compressive. Therapies like alternating hot and cold showers, wet towel compress or even a sauna then cold immersion creates a pumping/wringing contrast that will clean out the deepest of toxins. Put these all together to feel clean and great.

Jason Eagle, Quantum Reflex Analyst and Licensed Massage Therapist, practices at Strategic Healing in Auburn Hills, MI. For more information, call 734-985-5891 or visit his website:

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