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Natural Awakenings News: Extraordinary Ventures Michigan
Microgreens from their greenhouse

Retired Detroit Piston Don Reid not only came to play, he stayed to lead. Following moves to two other NBA teams, he returned and has served since mid-2015 as Executive Director of Extraordinary Ventures Michigan (E.V.M.). Focusing on people with special needs, Reid oversees their unique products and services at two locales – Oxford and Oakland University.

Having majored in Sociology at Georgetown University, Reid studied Child Neglect/Abuse, and became a natural at engaging others in activities and community.

“It began with the Oddball Olympics in Detroit gym classes – adapted activities that level the playing field for those otherwise left out of sports,” says Reid. “We substitute a football, for instance, in a game of hockey. What results is non-sports specific opportunities not previously available, creating more group involvement.”

Work as a job coach and in community-living services prepared Reid to establish enhanced skills for community inclusion at E.V.M. The organization resources small-parts assembly and marketing packaging, janitorial and laundry jobs.

In addition, its burgeoning supply of organic microgreen crops are nutritious “young” vegetables, flavored with higher levels of Vitamin C, K, E, lutein and beta-carotene, sold directly from their Oxford facility. E.V.M. also manufactures assorted sensory tools, called fidgets, self-regulatory items that re-direct anxiety and enhance learning, helping learners stay focused and calm.

“Sometimes E.V.M. has jobs before we have people, and vice versa,” adds Reid, ”but we never turn work away. We always keep it in our pocket!”

Extraordinary Ventures Michigan is located inside the Legacy Center, 925 N. Lapeer Rd., Suite 165, Oxford, and the O.U. location is at 419 Golf View Lane, Rochester. For more information, call 248-800-4021 or visit

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