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Fulvic and Humic Minerals
Two Vital Molecules for Healthy, Thriving Soil and Plants
by Carrie Schabel

Fulvic and Humic Minerals,

Fulvic and humic minerals play a crucial role in the promotion of regenerative farming and sustainability. These natural substances, derived from organic matter, enrich the soil by enhancing nutrient absorption and fostering a healthy environment for beneficial microbes.

Fulvic and Humic are two words that are often used interchangeably. Equally important, but they serve different purposes.These two vital molecules are at the root of healthy, thriving soil and plants.

Fulvic minerals: the natural growth hormone of plants
Fulvic has the miraculous ability to bind to minerals from the earth. It is the smaller molecule, lighter in color, with a strong electrical charge. It is the carrier of the nutrients, and plants can absorb the Fulvic along with the minerals at the cellular level. Fulvic is referred to as the natural growth hormone of plants, due to its ability to stimulate dormant plants and activate growth.

Key Benefits of Fulvic minerals:
• Contains over 75+ trace minerals and with its smaller molecular size, can enter the plant through the root, stem, leaves, and blooms.
• Nourishes the plant with minerals, which enhances the bioavailability of vitamins and digestive fibers.
• Can improve the germination rate of newly planted seeds.
• Provides energy to the plant, which assists in higher brix counts (measurement of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other solid content in plant juice), resulting in better nutrition, more flavor, and longer shelf life.
• Promotes brighter, more abundant flower blooms.

Humic minerals: help detoxify the soil and increase plant cell permeability
Humic is the larger molecule and its magic is how it performs in the soil. Humic is darker in color and acts a dilator, which increases the cell permeability of plants. This process helps the plants absorb the nutrients. Humic also has the ability to detoxify the soil and provide an environment for beneficial microorganisms to thrive.

Key Benefits of Humic minerals:
• Ability to increase the number of bud nodes, resulting in higher production.
• Stimulates deeper plant root growth and a tougher cell structure, which creates healthier plantings that can better resist drought, disease, and pests.
• Naturally aerates your organic soil, which provides plants with the needed oxygen to properly grow.
• Improves the water retention rate of the soil, reducing the frequency and duration of required watering.
• Helps transport additional nutrients, resulting in the ability to use less of other products.

Even though Fulvic and Humic have different purposes in how they function in the soil and help plants thrive….nature intended for them to work together, in a full-spectrum holistic way. At one time, our soil naturally contained fulvic and humic trace minerals.

Simply by growing our crops in the mineral rich soil and eating these crops, our bodies were given these trace minerals that are necessary for our cells to perform the many functions they are designed for.

Today, it’s common to treat our soil and crops with herbicides and pesticides. Unfortunately, this affects the ability of soil the to maintain a healthy ecosystem–necessary to produce the humic substances that contain valuable trace minerals. Adding fulvic and humic minerals to vegetable, fruit and herb gardens not only helps supply the trace minerals essential for the plants to grow and thrive; when we consume the plants, we are also providing our bodies with the minerals we need. Fulvic and humic can be used on just about anything:

Outdoor use: vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens, lawns, annuals, perennials.

Indoor use: plants, greenhouses, hydroponics. By increasing the fertility and overall quality of the soil and plants, fulvic and humic minerals directly support the growth of robust, high-yielding crops, which is paramount for sustainable agriculture. It also encourages the regeneration of farmland, promoting a vibrant and productive ecosystem.

Incorporating fulvic and humic minerals into agricultural practices–from large farm plots to small backyard container gardening–can yield significant benefits for your plants, the environment and your health!

Carrie Schabel is a board certified health and wellness coach and co-founder of Bloomfield Roots, supplier of natural, non-toxic supplements for plants, soil & water. For more information, call 877-898-6773. To receive their free guide, Tips for Creating a Truly Organic Garden, visit their website:


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