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Heal from the Inside Out -

We check the mirror daily for healthy, glowing skin and have a daily skin care routine. That routine becomes more complicated when seasons change, our bodies age and new products hit the shelves. Each person’s skin requires a different type of attention and care. The holistic approach to skin care works from the inside out for each individual.

According to principles of functional medicine, most skin problems, including premature aging, are outer reflections of inner problems and should be addressed accordingly. It is sometimes complicated to stay healthy as too much stress, junk food and pollution are piling up. Unhealthy genes and environment cause health issues, including anxiety, depression, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and more. Eventually their effects start to show in the mirror. Modern aesthetics may be able to fix the problem but not always. Lifestyle modifications would be more effective.

Many people are under the impression that what matters most is the type of products used on their skin. However, what people put in their mouth is equally as important. Even simple changes can make a big difference. For example, drinking herbal tea keeps skin moist. Consuming apple cider vinegar detoxifies the whole body, including skin.

On the surface of the skin itself, take a preventive approach. Wear sunscreen and use natural oils for skin nourishment instead of using antibacterial wipes or harsh soaps. Modern cosmeceuticals are more complicated than natural products, containing more ingredients due to depletion of vitamins and minerals.

American Regenerative Clinic in Bingham Farms opposes using chemicals and toxins in skin care and instead turns to one product line that is local, innovative, award winning, natural and holistic: Elina Organics.

To care for skin, the clinic, owned by Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky, M.D., DO, combines Elina’s protocols and products, the physician’s knowledge of regenerative medicine and the work of an aesthetician. Skin can be enhanced by using functional medicine and minimally invasive procedures. Clinic clients can be tested for possible health disorders and treated accordingly with modern regenerative medicine tools, including stem cells, ozone, exosomes and peptides.

Modern skin care needs to be holistic, nothing else. Excessive chemicals damage skin as well as the whole body and brain. It is not more expensive to be holistic. It is wiser and healthier. Healthy skin contributes to a long, happy life.

American Regenerative Clinic is located at 31000 Telegraph Rd., Ste. 140, Bingham Farms. For information and appointments, call 248-876-4242, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit


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