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Holistic Entrepreneur Launches Online Biohacking Training

 Become Your Own Health Expert

Natural Awakenings News: Holistic Entrepreneur Launches Online Biohacking Training
Anthony Martinez Beven

Detox Day Spa, which was founded in 2017 and is based in the northern suburbs of Detroit, recently announced the launch of its online detox program, Become Your Own Health Expert: Biohack Your Body Back to Health. The program is now available on their website: DetoxDaySpa.com.

The $599.99 online program, which is based on the Spa’s 35-Day Detox Program, includes:
• 16 training modules or “lessons”
• A resource library with 10 PDF how-to guides
• Accountability quizzes
• Video course overviews
• Virtual coaching for an additional cost (there's individual or group options)

The lessons cover the digestive and immune systems, cell debris and toxins that cause the body to go into dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, body flushing, supplements, plant-based eating, how-to start a detox, detox symptoms, cancer or chronic illness, the managed health-care system, essential oils, external detox therapies and weight-loss tips and tricks.

“This course allows the average American to understand basic human biology, how the body becomes toxic and goes into dysfunction, and how-to make sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes after step-by-step, self-guided detoxing,” says course creator and Spa founder Anthony Martinez Beven, who biohacked his body back to health after back-to-back HIV and cancer diagnoses and treatments left his immune system devastated.

"Developed after calls from around the U.S. requesting Detox Day Spas in major cities around the country," explains Bevin, "this online offering gives access to a diverse and complicated subject matter in a way that is easy-to-understand and usable. It answers common health questions and condenses information that would take someone years to obtain on their own without an advanced degree in research, biology, nutrition and genetics, combined."

“This course will help millions across the country dealing with serious health issues, including cancer, MTHFR, gut disorders, hormonal imbalances, unexplained weight gain and more,” Beven adds. “For those who have and continue to spend thousands of dollars on western and holistic medicine without results, this course will put the puzzle pieces in front of them so they can chart their own path to healing.”

For more information visit, DetoxDaySpa.com.


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