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Cutler Integrative Medicine Combines Natural and Advanced Approaches for Health

Natural Awakenings News: IV Therapies

Cutler Integrative Medicine is dedicated to changing the collective wellness of the public by focusing on concerns common in daily American life. By blending natural wisdom of the ages with modern scientific advances, Cutler's growing staff of 15 utilizes both the conventional and alternative to enhance and improve patient health.

How does Cutler reach its goals to combat bodily obstacles and improve wholeness? Through a series of treatments, from assorted hydrotherapies, infrared wraps, neurofeedback and toxin removals to IV Therapy. And not just any IV Therapy – one of the few FDA- and USP-compliant Intravenous and Intramuscular regimens in the state of Michigan.

Chronic dehydration affects 75 percent of America, and 60 to 70 million people suffer with digestive issues. Also, nutrition complications occur due to human absorption of only 50 to 60 percent of food and fluids and when disease is created by toxins dominant in foods. A lack of key nourishment leads to stress and mental illness, and oral supplements can lose much of their potency during digestion.

By offering nutrient-rich formulas in its IVs, Cutler enhances quality of life on an ongoing basis. Finding the root causes as well as treating symptoms is key to Cutler's enduring commitment to excellence. What results is increased energy, elevated mood, upgraded sleep, and optimized immune function, as well as recovered cellular homeostasis, decreased stress and targeted weight loss, among other improvements.

“Our formulas are customized to be the most advanced and unique available,” says Naturopathic Physician Dr. Doug Cutler. “Patient-centered care is our motto – omnia pro aegroto – all for the patient!”

“We pioneered the treatment,” he says, “which incorporates an ISO-5 cleanroom. By utilizing a Laminar Flow Hood and specialized air filtration within a controlled environment, sterile nutrient injections are safely prepared.”

"Although sustaining oral supplementation is a key and significant aspect of any therapeutic plan," adds Cutler, "the efficacy of our system delivers potent, superior doses of nourishment. And because it bypasses the gastrointestinal system in that process, people feel better faster. More health means less stress.”

Cutler Integrative Medicine is located at 31350 Telegraph Road, Suite 102, Bingham Farms. For more info., visit their website: or call 248-663-0165.

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