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There is a lot you can do for the heart, but it also has a mind of its own! The heart has a busy job, taking care and running the entire vascular system.

Your emotions not only affect the rhythm of the heart, they affect your whole body. Living in harmony with your body in a lifestyle that is calm and relaxing will help you stay grounded and live in the moment.

Try to keep toxic emotions and emotional stress in check by de-stressing daily with yoga, meditation, massage, music, etc, Epsom salt baths, social activities, walks outdoors in the fresh air and sun, and make sure you get plenty of deep restful sleep for the body to heal and repair.

Toxic foods, like toxic emotions, can cause physical damage to the heart by causing rapid racing heart beats, raised blood pressure and a stressed endocrine system.

It is very important to stop the stress response in your body from the foods you eat by cutting down on processed foods laden with excessive sugars and salts. A low-glycemic diet may be very beneficial.

Try an allergy elimination diet to see what foods may be bothering you. When you eat foods you are sensitive to, the body may respond with a histamine response such as inflammation, pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, itchy ears and throat, to name a few.

You can support your body by making healthy choices.

Contributed by Lee Rossano, Certified Nutritional Counselor at Advanced Nutritional Solutions in Lake Orion, MI. For more information, visit


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