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Mold Remediation is Part of Spring Cleaning


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Testing the air quality inside the home can identify allergens that are present, including mold spores. MoldPro LLC provides a variety of mold remediation techniques and complete restoration services, including dry ice blasting, air treatment, wire brushing, sanding and cleaning. If there is mold growth in one area of the building, they can also clean the remainder of the building, because mold spores can travel through the air.

Often, homeowners can’t tell if water stains on walls/ceilings, black staining, paint or wallpaper peeling or musty odor is actually mold or just uncleanliness. Many people are concerned about the health effects chemicals may leave behind in the home, but dry ice blasting is the most advanced method of mold removal today.

They use a HEPA vacuum on surfaces to further remove mold spores, and frequently wipe down hard surfaces by hand with a chemical-free treatment to remove mold spores from the home or building. Certified and insured, MoldPro is the only 100 percent chemical-free mold remediation company in the Midwest.

MoldPro LLC is located at 247 W. Main St., Milan. For a consultation and more information, call 734-439-8800 or visit


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