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Specializing in breast implant & mold illness lifestyle modification, and weight management.

As a Breast Implant Illness Survivor myself , I am dedicated to helping others who may have suffered for many months if not years trying to get answers. Working with those clients who have gone from doctor to doctor and getting no answers, are finally given hope.

Without removing those toxic offenders or at least exploring what may be happening , you will continue going down an unhealthy path adventually leading to Chronic illness.

Making lifestyle Modifications so that you can begin to feel like yourself again is the key to sucess! Let me guide you from start to finish and help you begin your new journey.

Let's begin to restore and create optimal wellness so that you can begin to feel better!

51920 Van Dyke Avenue, Shelby Twp, MI 48316

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Dawn Cordone AGNP-C, CHt., BCFMP


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