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Sarah Lipow Kairos Holistic Wellness CenterSarah Lipow has a background in Visual Communication with a degree from University of Michigan. She has a BA in Holistic Health from Quantum University and is working on her Masters, PhD and Doctorate in Natural Medicine through Quantum University. She is also certified in Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath.

When your energy is in an entropic state of being; it can cause disturbances within your system. Moving into coherence allows the body to rebalance and align creating a holistic environment. We provide holistic support to help maintain your personal wellness. Through various channels and modalities, Kairos helps support your human biofield.

Services offered:
• Heart Rate Variability
• Nutrition Counseling
• Neurofeedback
• Biofeedback Biowell Scan
• Biophotonic Coherence Biofield Alignment Technique
• PEMF Mat
• Vie Light Session
• Vagus Nerve Stimulation
• iTera Wand Session
• Meditation & Breathwork Coaching

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107 East 3rd Street, Davison, Michigan 48423

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