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23030 Mooney Street, Unit C, Farmington, Michigan 48336

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Gentle, effective chiropractic care for the whole family. Our holistic chiropractic, cranial work and organ therapy are individualized for your unique body.

Dr. Brittany Anderson DC has been serving her community since her early 20’s. She incorporates modern &
classic chiropractic methods that are both gentle and effective to facilitate alignment, increase range of motion and homeostatic balance of the body.

Chiropractic sessions can help with:

-Neck pain and tension

-Mid back and shoulder pain and tension

-Low back pain and tension



-Foot pain and misalignment


-Shoulder pain

-Elbow/wrist pain

-Knee/ankle pain

-Hip pain

-Pinched nerves

-Rib pain

Cranial Work:

We use Sacro-occipital Technique cranial methods that are based on Dr. Dejarnette’s basic cranial technique, William G. Sutherland’s craniosacral methods and Upledger’s early cranial osteopathy.

Cranial Work uses gentle and specific touch to stimulate the receptors located deep within the sutural joints of the cranium to allow for improved neurological function and to restore the primary respiratory mechanism and rhythmic flow of cerebrospinal fluid from inside the cranial volt down to the sacrum. Cranial Work can take tension off of the dura to allow for improved flow of cerebral spinal fluid which naturally detoxifies and nourishes the brain.

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23030 Mooney Street, Unit C, Farmington, Michigan 48336

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