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The Body Principle Integrated Health System: Mental • Nutritional • Physical

Angela T. Moore is a Nationally Certified Counselor, NASM Master Trainer, and Nutrition Specialist. Achieve optimal health through mental conditioning, fitness programming, and nutrition planning. Become your best YOU! 

Start the Journey to a Healthier You!

Integrated Health Assessment

The Integrated Health Assessment provides a personalized view of an individual’s current mental state, nutritional status, and level of physical fitness. A personalized view of an individual’s current state of “health” allows for the creation of personalized programming that supports the actual needs and goals of that individual.


Mental, Nutritional and Physical Health Educational Workshops that teach clients about the essential components of The Body Principle Integrated Health System—mental, nutritional, and physical health and empower them with the necessary tools to make lifestyle changes in those key areas.

Mental Conditioning
Counseling and coaching programs that assist clients in identifying their internal and external resources while helping them overcome obstacles to change and/or growth.

Nutritional Planning
Nutrition plans based on the nutritional needs, food preferences and TBP recommended consumption patterns of each client with balance, moderation, and variety in mind.

Fitness Programming
Fitness programs based on the seven components of optimal fitness, cardiorespiratory efficiency, core and joint stabilization, balance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

All services are provided online. In-person mental health counseling and nutrition coaching is available at our Troy corporate office. Note: Appropriate COVID-19 precautions have been implemented.

Founder, Angela T. Moore's Story
Inspired by mother’s early death, my brother’s suicide, and the discovery of the healing benefits of healthy living, I learned to be proactive about my mental, nutritional, and physical health. Now through an integration of mental conditioning, nutrition planning, and physical health, I empower others to live an empowered life.

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Image: Owner Angela T. MooreServices Now Available Online or In-Person at New Troy Location   
Owner Angela T. Moore is pleased to announce that The Body Principle has relocated from Lake Orion to Troy and now provides all of its mental, nutritional and physical health services...
December 2020 issue

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