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Naturopathic Medicine

No longer 'Alternative'

by Dr. Doug Cutler

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Naturopathic medicine is foundational medicine and a must for anyone seeking optimal health. It seeks to find the root cause of a person's illness and imbalance, and connects the dots to how everything in the body is intertwined.

Many believe naturopathic medicine has no basis in science, or uses only oils, ear candling, massage, etc.; and don’t really know what we do as naturopathic physicians until they come in as patients.

We get to the root cause by reducing the overall toxic burden, decreasing inflammation, healing the gut, removing food sensitivities, making lifestyle changes and addressing the emotions which drives choices. This empowers patients to heal themselves.

Naturopathic care can be complimentary to conventional medicine and is preventative as well. Choosing this route before the conventional “pill a day” approach can, many times, get to the cause of the patient's symptoms, rather than suppress them.

Patients are also thrilled to see what they portray as “separate symptoms” end up being related to one another and resolved simultaneously.

I have seen patients cancel major surgeries, balance their hormones naturally, cure their acne and others who lost 70 pounds–finally–without dieting or gimmicks.

When you remove the obstacles for cure, the body miraculously starts functioning again.

Patients can determine which route is most effective for them based on a few factors:
• Are you looking for a passive approach that your health that insurance covers, or are you willing to invest in yourself to get to the root cause of what is contributing to your own health challenges?

• If you take medications and still don’t have optimal health, then naturopathic medicine may be right for you.

• If you need a diagnosis, conventional can be very helpful.

Both worlds can have a place in your life.

Dr. Doug Cutler is a Naturopathic Physician practicing at Cutler Integrative Medicine, 31350 Telegraph Rd., Suite 102, Bingham Farms, MI. For information, call 248-663-0165 or visit CutlerIntegrativeMedicine.com.


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