New Way to Find Healthy Treats

Local Business Offers Home Delivery for Gluten-Free, Vegan Donuts

Natural Awakenings News: New Way to Find Healthy Treats

Raphael’s Donuts, the world’s only diabetic-friendly, vegan donut company, is expanding its customer base through mid and southeastern Michigan with its new website and year-round home delivery service within Flint and a 70-mile radius. Their website, enables customers to order any of 11 gourmet flavors, including peach mango explosion, dark blueberry and chocolate cherry.

“Whether they order for themselves or their loved ones, they care and see Raphael’s Donuts as part of their healthy lifestyles,” owner and master baker Raphael Harlan says. “I know so because I’m a frequent healthy sweets guy who cares for people’s health.” The company launched in 2014, and Harlan does all the baking in his home kitchen.

“We eventually want every health-conscious person in the United States to benefit from us,” he says. “Raphael’s Donuts is creating a new category while at the same time revolutionizing an existing donut category in the vegan donut market.”

For more information, call Raphael Harlan at 810-282-9359 or visit their website at:

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