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Ruth Wilson Receives Mindvalley Hypnotherapy Certification

Natural Awakenings News: Ruth Wilson
Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson, intuitive coach, became certified in hypnotherapy, as taught by Paul McKenna through Mindvalley’s 16-week program. This form of hypnosis uses conversation and metaphor to focus the mind in ways that promote desired changes, and McKenna claims to be the top hypnotherapist in the world.

Wilson says, “Hypnosis allows a person to tap into their abilities, create effective states of mind and bridge the gap between conscious and unconscious parts of the mind, body and spirit. It is a great way to improve results and well-being. I use hypnosis and other intuitive skills to help people find their best use of energy, their superpowers and their intuition, to improve their performance and create a greater quality of life. I teach clients to use their own intuitive skills for happiness and success. I can help you enjoy greater authenticity, performance, confidence and inner peace. Make every life change a doorway to satisfaction and improvement. Create results you want while learning to avoid what blocks you.”

Ruth Wilson’s office is in Madison Heights, but most of her work with clients is done via Zoom. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit Ruth-Wilson.com or call her at 248-990-1902.


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