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Pellet and Forget It

Dr. Keri Topouzian Now Offers On-Demand Delivery System for Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Pellet and Forget It - Dr. Keri Topouzian
Dr. Keri Topouzian

Hormone pellet therapy uses tiny hormone pellets that provide an on-demand delivery system to replenish the missing amounts of estrogen and testosterone. Pellets are designed to add to or replace hormones and are biologically identical to human hormones. Slightly larger than a cooked grain of rice, the pellet is painlessly inserted beneath the skin. Hormone pellet therapy allows the body to receive the hormones it needs directly in the bloodstream anytime.

“The body uses the pellet as a reservoir, withdrawing from it as needed," explains Keri Topouzian, DO, doctor of functional and regenerative medicine. "This makes estrogen and testosterone available exactly when needed, in the correct amount. Depending on one’s metabolic state at any given moment, blood flow will automatically increase or decrease around the pellets. When more hormone is needed—like during stress or exercise—blood flow increases, and more hormone is absorbed. When hormones are replenished, normal physiology is restored, allowing one to experience improved health and vitality.”

“Pellets are a desirable form of hormone therapy as a more physiologic, safe, reliable and hassle-free way to deliver a consistent and balanced level of hormones utilizing low dosages," he adds. "They can take just 48-72 hours to get into your system and begin working and last up to six months at a time, making them cost-effective overall.”

 The therapy is available at both of Dr. Topouzian’s office locations: 1900 South Telegraph Rd., Ste. 102, Bloomfield Hills; and 2544 McLeod Dr. N., Saginaw. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call Dr. Keri Topouzian at 248-302-0473 or visit

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