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Cavities are ContagiousKiss With Care

Freebie FruitOnline Mapping Points the Way

Solar SocketPortable Power from Any Windowpane

Oil AlternativeBio-Breakthrough Can Reduce Fossil Fuel Use

Shellfish SolutionBivalve Farming May Purify Fouled Waters

Killing FieldsNeonicotinoid Pesticides Threaten Birds and Insects, Too

Fare SharingThree Is the Perfect Number

Milk Linked to AcneDairy Causes Break-outs

Weightlifting Lowers Heart Disease and Diabetes RisksBenefits of Pumping Iron

Antibacterials May Make Kids Allergy-ProneImpairing Children's Immune Systems

Hair to Dye ForToxic, Cancer-causing Chemicals

Protein for Breakfast Curbs Food CravingsA Healthy Way to Fight Off Hunger

School Lunches Minus the MeatNew York Cafeteria Goes Completely Vegetarian

Basic Exercises for Digestive HealthBy Dr. Matthew Marturano

Umbilical Cord BingoThe Benefits of Waiting to Clamp and Cut

Toddlers Want to Help OutYoung Children Show Signs of Genuine Concern

Blogging Away Teen TroublesAn Effective Way to Relieve Stress

Never Too Old to QuitIt's Not Too Late to Save Your Life

Another Plus for Natural BirthBenefits for Baby's Brain

Colorful Plates for Picky EatersHelp for Parents Trying to Push Nutrition

GM-Oh-OhGMOs Threaten Wheat Exports

Nasty StuffMonsanto Weed Killer Contaminates Food

Chug-A-LugPricey Bottled Water May Come from a Tap

High-Tech TeachersStudents Use Smartphones to Study

Blighted IconChestnut Tree Comeback on the Horizon

Wear It WellFirst Eat Local, Then Dress Local


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