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The Energy Medicine Research Institute Raises Money for Scholarship Fund

Natural Awakenings News: The Energy Medicine Research Institute Raises Money for Scholarship Fund
Margaret Dwyer, Ph.D

The fourth annual Energy Medicine Research Institute’s Franklin Dinner fundraising event will be held Thursday, September 21, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the CenterPeace Event Center in Troy. Healthcare professionals, their families and friends as well as family caregivers are invited to the gourmet meal and program, which will raise funds for the Institute’s scholarship and work/study fund. The nonprofit institution provides a nine-course graduate-level certification for conducting and publishing research in the growing interdisciplinary field of energy medicine.

“Once certified, energy medicine research professionals can be integrated into hospitals, wellness centers and academic settings all over the world,” says Margaret Dwyer, Ph.D., executive director of the Energy Medicine Research Institute (EMRI). “With a network of research hubs all over the world and a host of research courses available, our goal is for people to have a passion in energy medicine.” Biofield medicine, in particular, is her focus, and it includes healthy sleep and dreamwork.

EMRI was founded in 2018 and was affiliated with the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine at that time. As this movement evolved and awakened healthcare professionals worldwide in the 20th century, today the multicultural, interdisciplinary field of energy medicine is emerging as integrative medicine, biofield medicine, regenerative medicine and whole person health.

The cost of this event per person is $150 and includes meal. The CenterPeace Event Center is located at 2609 Crooks Rd., Troy. For more information, call Margaret Dwyer at 248-677-3272 or visit

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