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DDS therapy uses electricity to regulate the body's energy

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DDS doesn’t only mean “doctor of dental surgery.” It also refers to a blend of Chinese and Western therapies available at Alice Huang’s Chinese Natural Therapies.

DDS therapy is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine principle of meridians channeling vital life energy, on the principles of reflexology and on bio-electricity technology. The DDS machine provides a slight electric current that penetrates the body to enhance meridians’ health. In Western medicine terms, the current stimulates endorphin release to relieve pain and inflammation.

The therapy uses the body’s vast amount of water as a conductor. The effects are felt not only at an organ system level but also at a cellular level.

“With regular application of DDS bio-electric therapy, molecular cells are being rearranged. This rearrangement constitutes a change of these molecular cells from inconsistent arrangement to a more organized way of working inside our bodies,” explains Alice Thomas, doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and licensed acupuncturist. "Benefits include clearing energy blockages from meridians, enhancing circulation, regulating the endocrine system and reviving the neuromuscular system. The neuromuscular effect makes DDS therapy useful for patients with conditions such as scoliosis, stroke and chronic pain. In addition, DDS therapy boosts energy, metabolism and mood. Thus, we feel healthy and happy after a DDS therapy session.”

“Massage oil is placed on your skin to help the therapist’s fingers effortlessly slide across the skin," she explains. "The DDS machine creates a small electrical current that is controlled by the therapist. The electric current flows through the tips of the therapist’s fingers to your body. The therapist will use massage reflexology points, coupled with the low electric current, to stimulate healing in the body. The touch of the therapist is gentle and effective.” The machine includes speed and time settings to customize each therapy session.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Wyandotte: 734-324-1168, Clawson 248-278-6081 or visit Wyandotte Healing Center is located at 2939 1st St., and Clawson Healing House is located at 1311 N. Main St.

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