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A few guidelines to review
• NewsBriefs are designed to "announce," rather than "promote" or "sell."
• NewsBriefs typically run in the range of 150-200 words. It's best to send us a few more words, rather than less, so our editors will have more content to work with.
• ALL SUBMISSIONS will be edited for length, content and clarity, as well as to fit the style of our magazine and NewsBriefs department. We do not send proofs of NewsBriefs for review or approval.
• Please note that Natural Awakenings reserves the right to accept or reject any submission for any reason, including content or theme, lack of pertinent information, etc.
• If we have questions, we will contact you.
• Do you have questions? Please call us at: 248-628-0125.

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For example:
• Additional background information on the topic
• When did your business/practice open or how long in business?
• Why are you holding this event/What do you hope to accomplish?
• If recurring, how long has it been going on, etc.?:
• References, resources, credibility statements, etc.
• Any related testimonials, books, organizations?

• Where is the related business (or event) located? (please include compete address):

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Note: We recommend that all submissions be accompanied by a HIGH RESOLUTION photo or logo (300 dpi) for the NewsBrief.
• Images downloaded/copied from websites are typically not usable, because of the low resolution.
• Please make sure you have the appropriate rights to use any uploaded image.

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