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What would you improve, if you could? (Without struggle or stress!)


Gain freedom around any issue!Terry SchwartzTerry Schwartz

  • Emotional Eating!
  • Smoking, drinking, etc.
  • Negative patterns
  • Work stress
  • Self Talk
  • Fears, Doubts...

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Emotional Eating Transformed

What emotions are you feeding?

Emotional Eating Transformed series is for anyone who struggles around food and weight.

You'll experience a profound perception change with awareness and accountability.


Feedback from participants:
"The first time I realized that EVOX was working was someone at work brought in a Butterfinger cake.  Not only didn't I eat a piece, I didn't obsess about it all day long and I brought home a piece for my husband.  My body didn't crave the chocolate and my mind was ok with the choice!"

"I was raised in the clean plate club and haven't finished a full plate in weeks.  I'm even putting less on my plate and now think of food as fuel for my body."

"I participated in the Emotional Eating Transformed Series with a lot of weight to lose, to break my cycle and have permanent change. Currently, 20 pounds down and have a long way to go."


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Emotional Eating Transformed
$ 597.00
For the 5 session program
26 November 2020 - 31 December 2020
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Bloomfield Hills, Oakland County

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