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Preserving the Harvest, Image: teatian/AdobeStock.comPreserving the Harvest  
Classic Ways to Store Garden Bounty All Year  

Whether gardening, purchasing at farmers’ markets or ordering from a community supported agriculture farm, preservation techniques capture the bounty of the harvest and ensure availability of fresh flavors year-round...

Upsetting Your Natural Balance, Image: Upsetting Your Natural Balance  
How Medications Can Impact Your Digestive Health  

While all medications are created to perform a specific function, they can also have moderate to severe side effects, which can vary depending on how they are taken; the interaction with other medications, foods or supplements; the general health of the patient; the state of a patient's illness or disease; age; weight or even as...

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Pollinator-Friendly Yards, Image: anna hoychuk/AdobeStock.comPollinator-Friendly Yards  
Gardening for Wildlife with Native Plants   

For some people, perfectly mowed lawns without a trace of a weed or an insect makes them proud, but they may not realize that this method of gardening and landscaping could be harming the local ecosystem and the important pollinators that we rely on to keep...

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Avoid Dryer Vent Fumes for Better Mental Health, Image: Side effects Could Include Headaches, Asthmatic Reactions, Nausea andIirritability
- Those fragrant whiffs coming from your (or your neighbor's) dryer vent may not be good for your mental health. These fumes may contain toxins with...

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Colostrum, Image: A Natural Approach to Gut Health
- Colostrum is a natural product with a high percentage of growth factors that help with cellular repair, regrowth and healing leaky gut. It also has a high percentage of immunoglobulins which are natural...

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Individual Plans for Individual Needs, Image: Nutritional Testing Program at Bence Chiropractic Wellness Center 
- Balanced Health nutritional testing is now available at Bence Chiropractic Wellness Center in Macomb and Sterling Heights. Through the test, Dr. Sibyl Bence, can use a saliva sample, hair sample and questionnaire to assess how stressed the body’s...

Gastrointestinal Upset, Image: Alternative Approaches to Common Medications that May be Causing Digestive Issues
- Below are some general informational guidelines for alternative approaches to common medications that may be causing digestive issues. Since every person is different, with potentially different issues, always seek...

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Basic Principles for a Happy Gut, Image: Live Longer and Improve Your Mood 
- Many of us read about "diet" and don’t really understand the connection between what we are eating and the impact it has on our digestive health. A ketogenic (keto) diet for instance is a ...

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Hydration, Nutrients and Enhanced Blood Flow, Alice GoodallSoutheast Michigan Practice Adds IV Nutrient Therapy and BEMER   
Institute of Neuromuscular Medicine has recently added IV Nutrient Therapy and BEMER to its list of services. IV therapy allows for bypassing the digestive system and delivering hydration, nutrients and natural medications in a manner that...

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Learn Sustainable Bread Baking, Linda PurdyClasses to Resume this Fall in Swartz Creek   
Bread baking classes will resume at Westwind Farm this fall. These classes help beginning bakers feel less intimidated about baking quality bread and more advanced bakers experience another...

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