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Put a Healthier Twist on Favorite Recipes, Image:  losangelai/AdobeStock.comMerry Brunching
Put a Healthier Twist on Favorite Recipes
When hosting a holiday brunch, it may be tempting to serve breakfast and lunch classics like quiche, eggs Benedict and huevos rancheros, but many of these dishes can be full of hidden calories, unhealthy fats and too much sodium. With a few easy...

The Gut-Brain Connection, Image: Photo Sukjai/AdobeStock.comThe Gut-Brain Connection  
How Food Affects Our Mood  

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat,” but the connection is more than just physical because food impacts our mood, too. During the last decade, there have been an increasing number of studies exploring what’s called the...

Fall Beets, Image: everst/AdobeStock.comFall Beets  
Versatile Leaf-to-Root Eats  

Versatile, nutritious, colorful and flavorful, beets are quite the package deal. This easy-to-grow, multi-season vegetable is packed with nutrition and plays well with other ingredients. Beets can be...

Food Dehydration Made Easy, Image:  yuriygolub/AdobeStock.comFood Dehydration Made Easy  
Best Ways to Preserve the Harvest   

Drying food is the oldest known method of food preservation. Middle and Far Eastern cultures have used the sun and wind to dry foods since 12,000 B.C., according to the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP). Today, the easy availability of...

Sustainable Shellfish, Image:  jabiru/,Sustainable Shellfish  
Superfood of the Sea  

The perfect food may not be underfoot, but rather, underwater. It’s delicious, fast-growing, nutritionally dense, sustainably produced, locally available from coast to coast and comes in nature’s own sturdy...

Cool Treats for Hot Days, Image: galitskaya/AdobeStock.comCool Treats for Hot Days  
DIY Recipes Even Kids Can Make  

Many of us have fond childhood memories of cool confections from the neighborhood ice cream truck on sultry summer days. By creating homemade, hot-weather treats with our kids, we get to...

Flower Power, Image: photo courtesy of Marie ViljoenFlower Power  
Edible Blooms Add Flavor and Color to Summer Fare   

Fruits, leaves, stems and roots are commonly eaten as part of a plant-based, farm-to-table diet, but until recently, the only flowers on the table were in a vase. Today’s health-conscious foodies are finding edible flowers to be...

Planet-Friendly Pours, Image: tатьяна kреминская/AdobeStock.comPlanet-Friendly Pours  
The Rise of Sustainable Wine and Spirits  

Iconic food and beverage magazines such as Bon Appetit and Food & Wine affirm that sustainable and socially responsible wines and spirits are becoming a major force in the market, yet consumers wanting to pour an Earth-conscious tipple need a sobering amount of research to sort through what’s truly...

Intermittent Fasting Basics, Image: tатьяна kреминская/AdobeStock.comIntermittent Fasting Basics  
How to Improve Health by Eating Less Often   

Fasting has been part of religious and cultural practices since ancient times, but now it is entering into everyday American eating habits. Intermittent fasting (IF), which involves restraining from eating for periods ranging from hours to days, was the most popular dietary strategy among Americans in 2020, outpacing low-fat...

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Eating for the Planet, Image: vector mine/AdobeStock.comEating for the Planet  
Diet for sustainability  

What we choose to put on our plates influences not only our physical health, but also the health of the environment. While much of the climate conversation focuses on the burning of fossil fuels, commercial food production—particularly livestock—uses large amounts of land, water and energy. Wasted food contributes...

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