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Foraged Fungi Fare, Image: ivan kmitAdobeStock.comForaged Fungi Fare  
Cooking with Wild Mushrooms  

Wild mushrooms can infuse exciting new flavors and textures into familiar dishes, along with a taste of the local terroir, the natural habitat, from woods to plate...

Preserving the Harvest, Image: teatian/AdobeStock.comPreserving the Harvest  
Classic Ways to Store Garden Bounty All Year  

Whether gardening, purchasing at farmers’ markets or ordering from a community supported agriculture farm, preservation techniques capture the bounty of the harvest and ensure availability of fresh flavors year-round...

Food as Medicine, Image: prostock-studio/AdobeStock.comFood as Medicine  
The Healing Power of Nutrition   

Eating is a basic need, but many Americans are not filling this need with healthful choices. Among the more than 700,000 Americans that die each year from heart disease, stroke or Type 2 diabetes, about 45 percent...

Sizzling on the Grill, image courtesy of Genevieve TaylorSizzling on the Grill  
Healthy, Sustainable Summer Fare  

For most Americans, summer smells like fresh-cut grass and barbecue sizzling in the backyard. Approximately 64 percent of U.S. adults own a grill or smoker, but common practices are bad for the environment. Fortunately, many great chefs have the problem covered with delicious alternatives to...

Vegan Road-Tripping, Image: syda productions/AdobeStock.comVegan Road-Tripping  
Travel Tips for Plant-Based Eaters   

To maximize health and minimize our impact on the planet, a whole-food, plant-based diet reigns supreme. Cooking at home ensures quality-controlled ingredients, but when traveling, extra measures are needed to enjoy healthy options while avoiding...

Baby Bites, Image: alice/AdobeStock.comBaby Bites  
Healthy Homemade Food for Tiny Tummies  

For the first year of a baby’s life, breast milk and formula are the main sources of nutrition, but as early as 4 to 6 months, a little one may be suited to try solid foods. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, when a baby consistently holds their head up, has started to...

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Detox Delights, Image: photo by kaitlyn nobleDetox Delights  
Recipes Rich in Fiber and Nutrients  

These recipes go beyond just being tasty, good-for-you meals. They are loaded nutrient and fiber-rich vegetables with antioxidants and that are metabolism-boosting, anti-inflammatory...

Indoor Edible Gardening, Image: shintartanya/AdobeStock.comIndoor Edible Gardening  
Grow Veggies, Sprouts and Microgreens Year-Round  

There’s no need to wait until the last frost date to sow a kitchen garden. Impatient gardeners or those without outdoor space can grow almost anything indoors with a little light and creativity. You can start many edible plants from seed on a sunny windowsill, even in...

Heartfelt Eating, Image: courtesy of laura flippenHeartfelt Eating  
Best Foods for a Heart-Healthy Diet  

Hypertension affects nearly half of all Americans, increasing the risk for heart disease and stroke, the leading cause of death. We can help mitigate that risk and have a healthy “change of heart” by revamping our diets....

Lose Weight Without Dieting, Image: sylvie bouchard/AdobeStock.comLose Weight Without Dieting  
How to Eat to Feel and Look Your Best   

One of the top New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, and to that end, millions of Americans go on a diet each year. As we look to reset after holiday indulgences, nutrition experts say it’s a great time to cultivate healthy, long-term eating habits rather than...


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