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Eight Ways to Restore Gut Health

Eat Wheat Again

The New York University Langone Medical Center recently reported that 74 percent of Americans experience some form of digestive distress, a quarter are obese and more than 100 million U.S. adults are...

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Changing Our Diet to Cool the Climate
Good Food Choices Enable Global Health

Changing Our Diet to Cool the Climate

Three years ago, the New York Times added a new word to the world’s food vocabulary:
Climatarian (n.) A diet whose primary goal is to reverse climate change. This includes eating locally produced food (to reduce energy spent in transportation), choosing pork and poultry instead of beef and lamb (to limit gas emissions), and using ...

The World’s Healthiest Cuisines
What Five Countries Can Teach Us about Good Eating

The World’s Healthiest Cuisines

AHere are five popular—and healthy—world cuisines, known for their great dishes, star ingredients and health-enhancing practices...

Six Seasonings with Surprising Payoffs
by Amber Lanier Nagle

Spice Up Healthy Cooking

Spices add a punch of extra flavor to our favorite dishes, but they also possess proven health and wellness properties. From regulating blood sugar to...

Foods Our Heart Will Love
Top 10 Heart Healthy Choices
by Judith Fertig

Top 10 Heart Healthy Choices

Let us count the ways to improve our loved ones’ heart health: Lower blood pressure. Modulate irregular heartbeats. Avoid plaque build-up in arteries. Improve blood flow to the heart...

Forgotten Foods That Help Combat Celiac Disease

7 common bitters to add to your diet

by Dr. Christine Kaczmar

Forgotten Foods That Help Combat Celiac Disease

Today, most Americans are familiar with the term “Celiac.” Millions of people are affected by Celiac disease, a condition that causes severe intestinal degradation when gluten; which is found in...

The Gifts of Citrus

Colorful Good Health in Holiday Dishes

by Judith Fertig

The Gifts of Citrus

Winter citrus fruits that arrive in a gift basket or show up on sale at the grocer present a welcome bright spot on winter’s darker days. Valencia and blood oranges, limes and Meyer lemons are delicious in their own right, and deserve their...

Not Your Grandma’s Stuffing

Healthy Twists on Old Favorites

by Judith Fertig

Not Your Grandma’s StuffingLisa F. Young/Shutterstock.com

Thanksgiving side dishes continue to evolve, even though traditional entrées still hold pride of place. New, lighter alternatives to time-honored stuffing maximize flavorful...

Fermented Foods Revival

Rediscover Probiotic-Rich Foods

by Judith Fertig

Fermented Foods Revival

Colorful jars of fermented Korean kimchee, Indian chutney, German sauerkraut and bottles of kombucha line many grocery store shelves today. We’re in the midst of a fermented food...


Healthy Tailgating Foods to Cheer For

by udith Fertig

Fabulous Fan Fare

Eat, play, party… and repeat. We may call it tailgating, fangating, homegating, a watch party or simply eating with friends before a big game. According to the American Tailgaters Association, in...


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