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Amp Up Immunity , Image: foxyliam/AdobeStock.comAmp Up Immunity   
Proven Boosters for Good Health  

As we head into the holidays, a gift that many of us wish for is a strong immune system to protect us not only from serious illness, but also from wintry coughs and sniffles. Robust immunity rests on three pillars, research shows...

The Sweet Danger of Sugar, Image: azurita/AdobeStock.comThe Sweet Danger of Sugar  
ways to enjoy healthier holiday fare  

Chocolate Santas, decorated cookies and other sweet confections are ingrained in our holiday traditions, yet sugary food does little to actually make us feel merry and bright in the long run. A high-sugar diet increases the risk of high blood pressure and...

Holiday Zen, Image: foto helin/AdobeStock.comHoliday Zen  
Stress-Free Fitness and Self-care  

Despite our best efforts, holiday time can frazzle our nerves and snag us in an unhealthy loop of overindulgence. To combat holiday pressure, the Mayo Clinic suggests maintaining a regular exercise program and investing in me-time activities like meditation and...

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Sustainable Kitchen, Image: netrun78/AdobeStock.comSustainable Kitchen  
Advice for Buying and Storing Food  

As we awaken to the climate crisis, we are called to participate in its solutions. In addition to frequenting farmers’ markets, much can be done at the grocery store and in the kitchen. By adopting these easy practices incrementally, we’ll be living...

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Circles of Healing, Image: fizkes/AdobeStock.comCircles of Healing  
The Power of Gathering in Community   

Had the intellectual achievements of human culture evolved during a revolution based on living systems in the natural world rather than one of rapid industrial growth and resource consumption, we might be experiencing interconnectedness instead of...

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Thomas Moore, Image: photo by Simone Anne Thomas Moore  
on the Art of Soulful Listening  

Thomas Moore, New York Times bestselling author, Jungian-based psychotherapist, musician and former monk, has been an advocate for conscious living since authoring his first book, Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life. Twenty-three books later...

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Greening the Holidays, Image: tanyajoy/AdobeStock.comGreening the Holidays  
How to Celebrate Sustainably  

With every record-setting storm and catastrophic fire, more people are realizing that we are embroiled in a climate crisis. Consider this holiday season as an opportunity not just to make sustainable choices, but also to take strategic action that positively impacts the planet and inspires friends and family to...

The Best Books for Kids, Image: goodluz/AdobeStock.comThe Best Books for Kids  
Gift Choices that Can Open Up Worlds  

Helping children learn to read and love books is one of the greatest parental endeavors. Many kids learn their first words after hearing the adults in their lives sing a lullaby or tell them a nursery rhyme. “Building a child’s vocabulary is the key to reading, and rhymes, singing, word games, synonyms, homonyms and rap are great...

Toyland for Pooches, Image: Arno/AdobeStock.comToyland for Pooches  
Choosing Safe Playthings a Dog Will Love  

Most healthy dogs retain their love of play throughout their lives. Because canine family members can be loosely compared to perpetual human toddlers, it makes sense that they enjoy playtime no matter...

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Season of Light, Image: kharchenkoirina/AdobeStock.comSeason of Light  
Celebrating the Soul of Winter  

Inevitably, the wheel of the year turns with the nuances of the seasons hardly noticed in the blur of our busy days. “Next year,” we say, when we realize that we’ve run out of time to try that holiday recipe, connect with friends or revel in a winter sunset. Collecting...

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