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Understanding Light Pollution, Image: best works/ShutterStock.comUnderstanding Light Pollution  
Environmental Concerns and Achievable Remedies  

At Montana’s Medicine Rock State Park, visitors have a rare opportunity to look up at the night sky and see an awe-inspiring display of planets and constellations, as well as the Milky Way, our spiral-shaped galaxy that contains about 100 billion ...

The Microbiome Connection, Image: Photo by Rodale InstituteThe Microbiome Connection  
How Soil and Human Health Are Related  

The human gut microbiome, which is critical to fighting off disease, and soil microbiome, which enables plant growth, are vitally important to maintaining all life on...

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Socially Conscious Investing, Image: Canva.comSocially Conscious Investing  
How to Choose Sustainable Stocks and Mutual Funds  

“Vote with your pocketbook,” the saying goes, prompting consumers to buy parkas from planet-friendly Patagonia or socks by Bombas, which donates a pair to...

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Gardening Therapy, Image: HollyHarryAdobeStock.comGardening Therapy  
Healing Mind, Body and Spirit in the Yard  

Gardening outdoors adds color and texture to yards and neighborhoods and, with the right plants, attracts pollinators, whose numbers are declining. It also can improve human health. The exercise, sunshine and...

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Fulvic and Humic Minerals, Image: Fulvic and Humic Minerals  
Two Vital Molecules for Healthy, Thriving Soil and Plants  

Fulvic and humic minerals play a crucial role in the promotion of regenerative farming and sustainability. These natural substances, derived from organic matter, enrich the soil by enhancing ...

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A New Dawn  on the Farm Front, Image: Image courtesy of RodaInstitute.orgA New Dawn on the Farm Front  
Stepping Away From Industrialized Agriculture   

We all have to eat, and the food industry is big business, with wide-ranging implications across many arenas. Because agriculture is controlled by a handful of multinational corporations, the priority to...

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Hay Bale Gardening, Image: Hay Bale Gardening     

Hay bale gardening is a gardening technique utilizing decomposing hay bales to support the growth of plants. This gardening technique requires...

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Finding Hope in Action, Image: oatawaAdobeStock.comFinding Hope in Action  
Saving Earth and Water With Small Steps  

In her book One Makes the Difference: Inspiring Actions That Change Our World, environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill asserts, “Everything we do and say does change the world. Even our...

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Baby Steps to Living Greener, Image: oatawaAdobeStock.comBaby Steps to Living Greener  
Tips for Lowering Toxins in the Home  

Millions of Americans are spending more time in their homes as employers embrace work-at-home arrangements following the pandemic. Many families have redesigned living spaces to accommodate one or more offices, and as they...

The Perils of Plastic Clothing, Image: Rodica/Shutterstock.comThe Perils of Plastic Clothing  
Embracing Slow Fashion and Sustainable Fabrics  

Most clothes made today contain plastic. The non-biodegradable polymer is a major component of elastic waistbands and nylon sneakers. But by far, the largest fossil-fuel culprit is...

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