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Amp Up Immunity , Image: foxyliam/AdobeStock.comAmp Up Immunity   
Proven Boosters for Good Health  

As we head into the holidays, a gift that many of us wish for is a strong immune system to protect us not only from serious illness, but also from wintry coughs and sniffles. Robust immunity rests on three pillars, research shows...

Healthy Brain Strategies, Image: benjavisa ruangvaree/AdobeStock.comHealthy Brain Strategies  
How to Prevent Cognitive Decline  

A healthy brain performs mental processes known as cognition, which is the acquiring of knowledge and understanding by means of thought, experience and the senses. This includes functions and systems such as memory, learning, language, problem solving, decision making, reasoning and...

Have You Trained Your Brain Today? Neurofeedback for brain health and wellness - Natural Awakenings November 2021Neurofeedback: A Natural Approach for Brain Health and Wellness 
- Neurofeedback is a safe, drugless, noninvasive approach to helping your brain regulate better. While neurofeedback isn’t necessarily a treatment for any condition, a few of the issues we have helped children and adults with include memory...

Chiropractors Offer Integrative Approaches To Enhance Healing, Image: Chiropractors Offer Integrative Approaches To Enhance Healing  
Diversity Leads to Better Patient Outcomes  

Traditionally, spinal manipulation has been the focus for doctors of chiropractic, adjusting the spinal column with a variety of manipulation techniques to improve posture, relieve pain and promote general health. These days...

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Healthy Breast Basics, Image: 3kstudiok/AdobeStock.comHealthy Breast Basics  
Lifestyle Choices to Lower Disease Risks  

One in eight women in the United States develops breast cancer in the course of her lifetime. “Notably, only five to 10 percent can be blamed on inherited gene mutations, and merely 13 percent of women with breast cancer have a first-degree relative with a history of disease...

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Conquering Chronic Pain, Image: stanciuc/AdobeStock.comConquering Chronic Pain  
How the Body-Mind Connection Works  

For three decades, David Hanscom was a top-ranked orthopedic surgeon in Seattle who daily put the scalpel to injured, deformed and twisted spines. Privately, he writhed in pain himself. He was beset over 15 years with...

Art's Embrace, Image: agsandrew/AdobeStock.comArt's Embrace  
Healing Through Creativity  

Art can be a powerful force for healing. Its potential manifests in a disabled man’s triumphant dance or cancer patient’s stirring self-portrait. Throughout America, art’s redemption takes center stage at hospitals, nursing homes, jails and homeless shelters. Even an entire city can be transformed when...

Upsetting Your Natural Balance, Image: Upsetting Your Natural Balance  
How Medications Can Impact Your Digestive Health  

While all medications are created to perform a specific function, they can also have moderate to severe side effects, which can vary depending on how they are taken; the interaction with other medications, foods or supplements; the general health of the patient; the state of a patient's illness or disease; age; weight or even as...

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Think Yourself Happy, Image: jenko ataman/AdobeStock.comThink Yourself Happy  
Seven Ways to Change Your Mind and Be Happier  

What is happiness? Aristotle pondered it, our country’s founders encouraged its pursuit, but only now—thanks to the thriving field of Positive Psychology—have we learned more precisely how to attain and sustain it. In thousands of studies in the last two decades, researchers have watched babies share crackers, put Tibetan monks in brain scanners, asked college students to do kind deeds and explored...

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Food as Medicine, Image: prostock-studio/AdobeStock.comFood as Medicine  
The Healing Power of Nutrition   

Eating is a basic need, but many Americans are not filling this need with healthful choices. Among the more than 700,000 Americans that die each year from heart disease, stroke or Type 2 diabetes, about 45 percent...

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