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How to Raise Empathetic Kids, Image: olesia bilkei/AdobeStock.comHow to Raise Empathetic Kids  
Simple Ways Parents Can Cultivate Compassion   

Empathy is the foundation of a caring society. While we are all born with a certain amount, cultivating it is a skill that can be strengthened with practice, and it is critical that the learning process start early, say childhood educators. An empathetic child can better...

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Nature Speaks, Image: natalia/AdobeStock.comNature Speaks  
Storytelling Connects Kids to the Natural World  

Children are natural storytellers with imaginations that shape their play and learning. In outdoor settings, everything from puddles to pine cones can engage children and draw them closer to the natural world, opening up a...

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Beyond Picky Eating, Image: vadim guzhva/AdobeStock.comBeyond Picky Eating  
Help for Pediatric Eating Disorders  

Most kids go through food phases and bouts of fussiness during mealtime, but more serious problems can lurk beneath the surface of such all-too-common behaviors. Eating disorders are often associated with...

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Zen Zone for Kids, Image: Crystal Sing/AdobeStock.comZen Zone for Kids  
Create the Perfect Calm-Down Corner at Home  

Children and teens are sensitive beings, and like adults, they need daily tools to offset the stresses of life. Whether a child is overwhelmed by COVID-19 protocols at school, is on the autism spectrum or is highly sensitive or anxious, creating a special place to decompress can help manage big...

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The Best Books for Kids, Image: goodluz/AdobeStock.comThe Best Books for Kids  
Gift Choices that Can Open Up Worlds  

Helping children learn to read and love books is one of the greatest parental endeavors. Many kids learn their first words after hearing the adults in their lives sing a lullaby or tell them a nursery rhyme. “Building a child’s vocabulary is the key to reading, and rhymes, singing, word games, synonyms, homonyms and rap are great...

Mindfulness for Stressed Teens, Image: good studio/AdobeStock.comMindfulness for Stressed Teens  
School Programs Teach Healthy Coping Skills  

Teen stress levels often rival those of adults, concludes data collected by the American Psychological Association in 2017. This is especially true these days with the influx of...

Creative Kids, Image: jacob lund/AdobeStock.comCreative Kids  
How to Nurture Imagination  

Young children are naturally curious and inventive, yet research shows that their creative thinking skills peak at around age 6 and start to decline once they start formal schooling—a trend that’s...

Back-to-School Wellness, Image: drobot dean/AdobeStock.comBack-to-School Wellness  
Tips to Keep Kids Healthy  

After a year dealing with the ups and downs of pandemic-era schooling, many parents are anticipating their children’s return to school with mixed emotions. “Families indeed have had a rough time in the pandemic, resulting in increased food insecurity, weakened social skills, splintered attention spans due to constant multitasking and arguments over...

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Pet Happy , Image: gorilla/AdobeStock.comPet Happy   
How Animals Help Kids Thrive  

As any parent whose child has begged long and hard for a puppy or kitty can testify, animals are close to children’s hearts. Up to 90 percent of kids are lucky enough to live with a pet at some point in their childhood, and studies show the effects can be profound for...

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Relaxed Kids, Image: kornnphoto/AdobeStock.comRelaxed Kids  
Simple Ways to Calm Anxious Children  

It doesn’t take a full-on tantrum for children to experience or exhibit stress. According to licensed school psychologist and spiritual counselor Zemirah Jazwierska, anxiety is a child’s natural response to not having...

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