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Create a Nurturing Nest , Image: kelly sikkema/Unsplash.comCreate a Nurturing Nest   

More than being a roof over our heads, home is where we live, love and heal. This past year, we all have been reminded of the importance of having a refuge; a place that shelters not only our physical beings, but our...

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HEALING FROM GRIEF, Image: kissedbythegods/Pexels.comHEALING FROM GRIEF  
Four Ways to Find Peace  

When I was 13, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. At 15, I was at her graveside, navigating my first experience with the other side of love: loss. Ten years later, my beloved and only brother died tragically as a result of PTSD and untreated...

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Conscious Living & Loving, Image: Conscious Living & Loving  
Developing a Life and Relationships That Reflect the Real You  

Imagine learning to live and love consciously, and to create the life that you are meant to live! You can develop a life and relationships that reflect the real you, your deep desires, and purpose....

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House Blessings , Image: karolina grabowska/Pexels.comHouse Blessings   
for Clearing and Protecting Spaces  

Moving into a house, office or any new space prompts us to envision bright days ahead filled with hope and joy. Perhaps this is why, from first-century Christians praying to dissuade...

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Fresh Rituals for a New Year Fresh Rituals for a New Year  
Embrace the Promise of 2021  

The end of one year and the beginning of another marks a hopeful transition that many of us choose to celebrate with fireworks and glitzy parties. Here are several New Year’s rituals to help us connect more deeply to our loved ones, to ourselves and to a richer sense of purpose as we embrace...

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Giving Thanks Giving Thanks  
Meditation on Gratitude and Joy  

I offer this meditation that opens our hearts to gratitude and joy this holiday season. Let yourself sit quietly and at ease. Allow your body to be relaxed and...

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Happiness Helpers Happiness Helpers  
Five Ways to Be More Positive  

Studies show that when we see the positive more often, we’re happier and kinder to ourselves and to those around us. Luckily, we’re not locked into one way of...

The Spiritual Discipline of Evoking Joy

Our four-legged friends—from pampered pooch to stray cat—have the inborn ability to seize the moment. No matter what chaotic circumstances may swirl around them, they have a knee-jerk response to...

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During Trying Times

From the moment we wake up and log on to our day, we are flooded with news about people whose days started off much the same, with an expectation of going from...

An Intentional Path to Good Fortune

By its very definition, luck is random, capricious and based on chance rather than our own actions. Yet there is reason to believe that might not be the whole story—that living a...

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