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Planning Your New Year’s Resolutions, Image: Planning Your New Year’s Resolutions  
Reconnecting with Yourself and Your Personal Power  

Making New Year’s resolutions truly can be positive and life changing…if we go about them consciously and with self-love! Many people actually hurt themselves in the...

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A Feast of Light, Image: FireplaceSocks-GettyImagesA Feast of Light

Despite the whirlwind of our to-do and places-to-go lists, the wheel of the year turns once more, allowing us to close another chapter of our lives with grace. If we take a...

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Gratitude is Good Medicine, Image: Tinnakorn/AdobeStock.comGratitude is Good Medicine  

Stress, work and family routines can trap us in a pattern of negative thinking that feeds on itself and creates stress and unhappiness. With our internal and external worlds being...

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Inviting in the Wild, Image: in the Wild  

Amidst the whirlwind of our daily busyness, Mother Nature goes about her own affairs, conjuring everyday miracles from the humble trinity of tangled roots, dark soil and sunlight. On our way to our next task, we...

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Living Life in Full Color , Image: Madhuri Mohite/Pexels.comLiving Life in Full Color

Nature concludes each day with a fiery mural, never again to be exactly duplicated and missed if we look away for a moment too long. “What color is in a picture, enthusiasm is in life,” said Vincent van Gogh, and to live with passion is to...

Change Your Words, Image: Madhuri Mohite/Pexels.comChange Your Words  
Change Your Life  

The words we speak are never neutral, because language doesn’t simply describe reality. It creates it. With every word we utter, we’re either speaking into existence a reality we desire or actively creating a...

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The Art of Doing Nothing , Image: StanislavAdobeStock.comThe Art of Doing Nothing   

Most of us can remember having the glorious ability to do absolutely nothing of practical significance as children. We rolled in the grass, laughed ourselves silly with friends on the street corner and happily...

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The Gift of an Imperfect Father, Image: prostock-studio/AdobeStock.comThe Gift of an Imperfect Father  

For many of us, Dad was the first person to throw us a ball, take us fishing or treat us to ice cream after a game. If we were fortunate, he was the one who made a bad day better, was a strong protector who kept the metaphorical...

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Mothering the World                                               , Image: prostock-studio/AdobeStock.comMothering the World   

All that is brought to fruition has someone behind the scenes tending to its innate potential. The quality of nurturing permeates both the human and the natural world and goes much deeper than raising beloved offspring. Whether it be a...

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Spring is a State of Mind, Image: tsuguliev/AdobeStock.comSpring is a State of Mind  

Every year, spring lifts us from lethargy, her blossomed enthusiasm nudging us to take down the curtains for an annual wash, clean out the closets, and plot this year’s garden. If we...

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