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Practice Intentional Self-Love

It’s not enough to wish for more self-love. We must be intentional about creating it and commit to loving ourselves by practicing these...

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The Mother Our Souls Need The Mother Our Souls Need
Connecting With the Energy That Made Us

This Mother’s Day, I want to tell you about a different way to think about your mother and about yourself—a way that is deeply true and liberating, no matter what...

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Bringing Bliss to Every Room

Sacred space is most often associated with places of worship, but it can be any place that connects us to meaning or joy. In the blur of daily living, nooks of inspiration and beauty provide spiritual sustenance, remind us of...

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The Path to Wealth The Path to Wealth
How to Make a Dream Come True

Successful professional athletes, musicians and business men and women that have achieved their goals can often point to repetition as a key to their prosperity and success. Undergoing both...

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Amazing Embrace Amazing Embrace
The Healing Power of Hugs

Hugs don’t just feel good; they do good. A simple embrace can boost our health and mood, connect us spiritually and even help...

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10 Practices Open Doors

Practices designed to enrich life with purpose and meaning yield empowering results for anyone that takes them to heart. Whether striving for a new job, higher salary, stronger relationships or spiritual acceleration, these...

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Head, Heart and Gut -  Who is Danny/Shutterstock.comHead, Heart and Gut
Lodestars of Powerful Decision Making

We are living in unprecedented times of stress, confusion and overwhelm. We all need resources to help navigate these challenging times and make the right decisions for the highest and...

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Sharon Bruckman - photo: Josh PopeSilver Thread and Golden Opportunities
25 Years of Natural Awakenings

The year was 1994. America Online opened the first gateway to the World Wide Web; Jeff Bezos founded the fledgling behemoth Amazon; and Deepak Chopra installed the first...

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Holiday Happiness Helpers Holiday Happiness Helpers
Six Ways to Bring On Joy

To truly enjoy the holidays, try these simple, research-based practices to maintain a healthy state of...

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Tapping into Our True NatureTapping into Our True Nature
Yoga Meets Life’s Essential Questions

In 1972, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening and went into seclusion to focus on my inner growth. This awakening helped me see that I’m not...


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