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High Times for the Cannabis Industry, Image: foxyliam/AdobeStock.comHigh Times for the Cannabis Industry  
Emerging Trends with a COVID-19 Caveat  

It’s fair to say that the cannabis industry has arrived. Recreational marijuana has now been approved in 17 states, and 37 have allowed marijuana for medical purposes. “We have CBD!” proclaim store signs selling the buzz-free cannabidiol. In 2020, more than 240,000 people...

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Peter Russell, Image: photo by  Peter RussellPeter Russell  
on the Healing Power of Letting Go  

In Letting Go of Nothing: Relax Your Mind and Discover the Wonder of Your True Nature, Peter Russell reminds readers what lies at the heart of all spiritual traditions. Based on his half-century of practicing Transcendental Meditation and...

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The Electric Vehicle Revolution, Image: In a pinch, the Ford F-150 electric pickup can power a house.The Electric Vehicle Revolution  
Moving Toward an All-EV Future this Year  

Almost certainly, electric cars are in everyone’s future. Not only are automakers—from General Motors and Volvo to Rolls-Royce and Bentley—pledging to stop producing gas and diesel cars, but a long list of countries in Europe and Asia plus three U.S. states are planning to ban them by 2040 or earlier, often citing...

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Why Words Matter, Image: loran4a/AdobeStock.comWhy Words Matter  

From witchy incantations in Shakespeare’s Macbeth to ancient Sanskrit mantras; from the stirring speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. to the divinely inspired poetry of the Sufis, words have bridged the chasm between the visible and the invisible since...

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Zen Zone for Kids, Image: Crystal Sing/AdobeStock.comZen Zone for Kids  
Create the Perfect Calm-Down Corner at Home  

Children and teens are sensitive beings, and like adults, they need daily tools to offset the stresses of life. Whether a child is overwhelmed by COVID-19 protocols at school, is on the autism spectrum or is highly sensitive or anxious, creating a special place to decompress can help manage big...

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Unleash Your True Potential, Image: alfa27/AdobeStock.comUnleash Your True Potential  
Working with a Life Coach Can Help   

Hiring a life coach can be an empowering decision for people that want to understand themselves better and lead fulfilled lives. Coaches may specialize in distinct topics like business, parenting or weight loss, but...

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Whole-Person Fitness, Image: images/articles/2022/01/Article-IN-WordPower-202201Whole-Person Fitness  
Current Trends in Wellness Tools  

Insiders agree that the idea of fitness is changing, and this means an exciting wave of trackers and apps that go beyond achieving the ultimate six-pack abs. “So many of us want a nice exterior, but now more than ever, we realize how important it is that the interior match that exterior,” says Dominic Kennedy, a Los Angeles trainer and founder...

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A Better Morning Jolt, Image: freedom lifeAdobeStock.comA Better Morning Jolt  
Healthy Coffee Alternatives and Hacks  

Most Americans enjoy a daily dose of coffee, and an increasing body of research indicates it’s not a bad habit to have. Meanwhile, a growing number of people are adapting their morning drink rituals to incorporate ingredients ranging from matcha to mushrooms in search of...

Health in the New Year, Image: wayhome studio/AdobeStock.comHealth in the New Year  
10 Top Wellness Trends for 2022  

Every new year marks the convergence of endings and beginnings—an opportunity to assess where we’ve been and anticipate where we’re going. As this dynamic relates to our health, this year promises an intensification in the development and adoption of several trends that have...

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Sunlight As A Nutrient- Sunlight is as important to your body as Vitamin C or Calcium. Research shows that sun exposure is necessary for good health. It boosts your mood, strengthens your bones, and may lower your risk for certain cancers, among other...

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