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Target Insulin to Trim Belly Fat, Image: Tips for Healthy Change 
- Diets high in refined carbohydrates are contributing a nationwide epidemic of obesity and high body weight. The hormone that sabotages weight loss...

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Cooling the Fire Within, Image:  losangelai/Shutterstock.comCooling the Fire Within  
Healthy Eating Tips to Ease Chronic Inflammation   

Putting more thought into what we eat and why may be among the most important factors in determining how long we live. Researchers in Norway recently compared the long-term effects of a typical Western diet to an optimal one, and their findings can...

Brain Power Boosters, Image: Tijana/AdobeStock.comBrain Power Boosters  
Tips to Preserve Memory at Any Age  

Although it is completely normal to feel like our memories are failing us as we get older, this is not the time to panic. Regardless of age, it is always possible to learn, store and recall information, and there are numerous...

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More than Skin Deep, Image: triocean/Shutterstock.comMore than Skin Deep  
Healing the Heartbreak of Psoriasis  

Psoriasis affects approximately 3 percent of the U.S. population. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, founder of the Institute of Functional Medicine, the condition involves terrible suffering from...

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Fitness Delivered, Image: fotofrol/Shutterstock.comFitness Delivered  
Benefits of an In-Home Personal Trainer  

It’s a new year—the perfect opportunity to set positive intentions for a fresh start. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to be healthier, but according to research, only...

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Hidden Dangers in Pet Food , Image: Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock.comHidden Dangers in Pet Food   
The Scary Truth About Toxic Ingredients  

Among the many reasons to switch from ultra-processed diets to fresh food for our furry family members, unwanted toxins are high on the list. Because pet food manufacturers are...

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Welcoming the Unknown, Image: ktahaziz/AdobeStock.comWelcoming the Unknown  
Tips for Embracing Possibility  

Ushering in a brand-new year can be filled with hope, but it can also feel as daunting as a blank sheet of paper. We might pause at the...

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Milton Mills, MDMilton Mills  
on Optimizing Health with a Plant-Based Diet  

Milton Mills, M.D., practices internal medicine and critical care in underserved communities in Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia. He advocates switching to...

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End the Mailing Madness, Image: Eketerina/AdobeStock.comEnd the Mailing Madness  
Tips for Cutting Down on Paper Waste  

Junk mail is wasteful. In our digital age, email and the internet have become the preferred modes of communication. When a shiny, multipage magazine or catalog arrives in the mail, we...

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The Perils of Plastic Clothing, Image: Rodica/Shutterstock.comThe Perils of Plastic Clothing  
Embracing Slow Fashion and Sustainable Fabrics  

Most clothes made today contain plastic. The non-biodegradable polymer is a major component of elastic waistbands and nylon sneakers. But by far, the largest fossil-fuel culprit is...

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