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Pump Iron to Boost Sleep, Image: daxiao productions/AdobeStock.com - For the one in three Americans that are sleep-deprived, working out with resistance exercises to strengthen muscles may produce longer and deeper shuteye than...

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Consider Herbs from Traditional Asian Medicine for Diabetes, Image: Anna Pou/Pexels.com - Diabetes is rampant in the world today, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, but it was also a health condition many centuries ago among...

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Practice Sitting Tai Chi to Recover from a Stroke, Image: Elnur/AdobeStock.com - Tai chi, an ancient Chinese martial art, typically involves moving the arms and feet in intricate, slow patterns, but a new study in the American Heart Association journal Stroke found...

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Eat Grains to Reduce Inflammation and Liver Disease Risk, Image: Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels.com - Although most Americans eat only one-third of the recommended amount, nutrient-rich, whole grains already have been shown to play a key role in...

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The Healthy Food Movement, Image: Prostock-studio/AdobeStock.comThe Healthy Food Movement  
Pandemic Trends are Shaping Better Local Food Systems  

Like so much else on the planet, the two-year coronavirus pandemic turned the health food world upside-down. “I found myself thinking real dystopian and wondering if people would be able to survive if grocery stores crumbled,” recalls Diana Mondragón, of Rockford, Illinois. “That scary thought train...

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Flower Power, Image: photo courtesy of Marie ViljoenFlower Power  
Edible Blooms Add Flavor and Color to Summer Fare   

Fruits, leaves, stems and roots are commonly eaten as part of a plant-based, farm-to-table diet, but until recently, the only flowers on the table were in a vase. Today’s health-conscious foodies are finding edible flowers to be...

That Natural Glow, Image: denis_vermenko/AdobeStock.comThat Natural Glow  
Radiant Skin with Fewer Health Risks  

For basic hygiene and improved appearance, we wash, slather, hydrate, scrub and cover up, often forgetting that our skin is our largest organ and much of what we expose it to can be absorbed and accumulated in the body over time. If we are using products with...

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Pollinator Haven - photo by Sandra YeyatiPollinator Haven  
Create a Toxin-Free Yard for Critical Critters  

Aimée Code has stopped trying to grow roses in her Eugene, Oregon, backyard, where the ground is too muddy for them to flourish. If we stick to plants that do well in our own region, they’ll be less susceptible to...

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The Great Nature Gym, Image: KoolShooters/Pexels.comThe Great Nature Gym  
Outdoor Workouts Make the Most of Summer  

Summer is the prime time to skip the gym and exercise in the fresh air. Studies show that outdoor workouts improve mental well-being and result in greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy and positive engagement. Exercising in nature can reduce...

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The Art of Doing Nothing , Image: StanislavAdobeStock.comThe Art of Doing Nothing   

Most of us can remember having the glorious ability to do absolutely nothing of practical significance as children. We rolled in the grass, laughed ourselves silly with friends on the street corner and happily...

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