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Bionic Leaf Tops Plants in Photosynthesis
Fake Foliage, Image: somchaij/Shutterstock.com Bionic Leaf 2.0, a new, artificial photosynthesis system developed by a team headed by Harvard University scientists, takes in carbon dioxide, water...

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Artificial Wood Resists Fire and Water
Techno Timber, Image: Dragonskydrive/Shutterstock.com A new, lightweight synthetic wood has been created that is as strong as wood, but without its traditional vulnerability to...

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Near-Death Experiences Can Be Learned
Transcendental Meditations, Image: sezer66/Shutterstock.com “Meditation-Induced Near-Death Experiences: a 3-Year Longitudinal Study,” published in Mindfulness, concludes that some Buddhist meditation practitioners can willfully...

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Many Benefits of Reorganizing
Spring Decluttering, Image: marekuliasz /Shutterstock.com Spring is the season of renewal, and on the home front, that means cleaning, organizing and reducing clutter. While we apply natural, eco-friendly cleaning agents, the act of...

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Saving a Drop to Drink Saving a Drop to Drink
Our Role in the Coming Water Crisis

Although climate change gets most of the attention, the international water crisis looms just as large. The World Economic Forum has ranked water scarcity as...

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The Path to Wealth The Path to Wealth
How to Make a Dream Come True

Successful professional athletes, musicians and business men and women that have achieved their goals can often point to repetition as a key to their prosperity and success. Undergoing both...

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Delicious Discards Delicious Discards
Making Meals From Mainly Scraps

Food scraps are no longer relegated to just making soup, stock and sauces that hide their true nature. Creative chefs are reawakening to...

Air Care for Kids Air Care for Kids
Keeping the Homefront Allergy-Free

An allergy is a dramatic overreaction of the immune system to environmental agents that are harmless to most people. Antibodies fight allergens with the release of...

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When Allergies Put the Bite on Pets

Springtime doesn’t just mean warmer weather, colorful flowers and greening grass. It also brings seasonal allergies. For pets, it can be a miserable time of year, because...

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Five Strategies for Better Health

Springtime brings a desire to clean up our diets and refresh our plates. Here are five worthy strategies for upgrading nutrition and greeting the season with a renewed...

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