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Plant-Based Foods Go Mainstream, Image: vladimir/AdobeStock.comPlant-Based Foods Go Mainstream  
Healthy Eating Gets Easier with Innovations  

Plant-based eating has seen an explosion in the past few years as consumers become increasingly aware of how their food choices impact their health and the environment and align with their ethics. According to market research firm SPINS, plant-based eating is now...

Easing into a Vegan Lifestyle, Image: istetiana/AdobeStock.comEasing into a Vegan Lifestyle  
Clever Meat Substitutes that Please the Palate   

Today’s wide availability of vegan meat substitutes in the grocer’s freezer helps break the ice for people that want to experiment with plant-based foods. The taste, convenience and quality of these products has improved greatly over the past decade, but like many convenience foods, some packaged faux meat products can be high in...

A Weekend Warrior Survival Guide, Image: monkey business/AdobeStock.comA Weekend Warrior Survival Guide  
Prevention, First-Aid and Recovery  

At first glance, it seems harmless to sit at a desk all week and then dive into gardening, hiking, shooting some hoops or playing softball with the kids. We think nothing of it until that pulled hamstring, stiff shoulder or painful knee makes...

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Burnout Recovery , Image: fizkes/AdobeStock.comBurnout Recovery   
Ways to Reset and Find Balance   

“I’ll sleep when I die,” Kristina Shea used to joke about her three hours of nightly shut-eye. In retrospect, she says ruefully, “It almost became a reality.” Her hectic life as a...

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Beyond Picky Eating, Image: vadim guzhva/AdobeStock.comBeyond Picky Eating  
Help for Pediatric Eating Disorders  

Most kids go through food phases and bouts of fussiness during mealtime, but more serious problems can lurk beneath the surface of such all-too-common behaviors. Eating disorders are often associated with...

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Journaling to Access Inner Wisdom, Image: ashlyn ciara/Unsplash.comJournaling to Access Inner Wisdom  

On a summer afternoon in 2015, I sat in my favorite coffee shop waiting on life-changing news. With each minute, my anxiety mounted, so I turned to the only thing that calms me in a stressful situation—my journal. As my pen...

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Ann Armbrecht, Image: photo courtesy of Bryce YoukAnn Armbrecht  
on the Business of Ethical Botanicals  

Writer and anthropologist Ann Armbrecht explores the relationship between humans and the planet, notably through her work with plants and plant medicine. Her book The Business of Botanicals: Exploring the Healing Promise of Plant Medicines in a Global Industry tells the stories of the people...

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The 411 on Styrofoam, Image: GrabillCreative/GettyImages.co,The 411 on Styrofoam  
Why We Should Just Say No  

Because it is heat-resistant, extremely lightweight and relatively sturdy, Styrofoam is commonly used for takeout food and beverage containers, egg cartons, craft materials, home insulation and product packaging. The harm it causes to...

Beyond Kibble, Image: mat hayward/AdobeStock.comBeyond Kibble  
How to Shop for the Healthiest Pet Food  

People are always striving to improve the quality of life for their pets. For some, this means making homemade dog and cat food or buying meat directly from a local butcher, but not all pet parents have the necessary time, space or finances. While there are better...

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Changing Subconscious Thoughts, Terry SchwartzBetter Self-Care with Coaching Utilizing Zyto EVOX Technology   
Terry Schwartz, Holistic Health Coach at Super Simple Change in Bloomfield Hills, guides clients toward better self-care through mind, body and soul transformation. That transformation can...

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