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Kids Are Not Getting Enough Sleep, Image: kaliantye/AdobeStock.comMemory, Intelligence and Well-being Mabe be Affected 
- The American Academy of Pediatrics has long recommended that children between the ages of 6 and 12 years obtain...

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Gut Microbiome May Influence Obesity, Image: Ssdecoret/ShutterStock.comMay Shed Light on Why Some Gain More Weight Than Others 
- A new study may shed light on why some people gain more weight than others regardless of diet and activity levels. Led by researchers at...

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Supplements That Help the Heart, Image: KucherAV/ShutterStock.comMicronutrients May Reduce Cardiovascular Risk 
- A new study conducted by researchers at Brown University has identified certain supplements that may be beneficial for heart health. The meta-analysis published in...

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Strategies to Stop Brain Thinning at Any AgeCognitive Rebalancing May Help 
- Brain thinning becomes more prominent as people age past 60 years. Brain thinning may be especially noticeable in certain regions that control memory, speech, problem-solving and...

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Loving Our Kidneys, Image: Danijela/AdobeStock.comLoving Our Kidneys  
Edible Allies, Integrative Treatments and Lifestyle Tips  

Our kidneys are prodigious multitaskers. Through the production of urine, they filter toxins, excrete waste and balance bodily fluids. They also produce...

Veggies for the Win, Image: Alexander Raths/AdobeStock.comVeggies for the Win  
Five Reasons to Choose a Plant-Based Lifestyle  

Many of us have come across the term “plant-based eating”. Perhaps the regimen was recommended to us by a medical or nutritional professional. We may have read about it in a magazine or seen a documentary on the subject. Scientists around the globe have...

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Thriving With Multiple Sclerosis, Image: Prazis Images/Stock.Adobe.comThriving With Multiple Sclerosis  
How to Reduce Inflammation and Promote Neuroregeneration  

For people with multiple sclerosis (MS), the concept of “thriving” is becoming increasingly attainable thanks to advances in lifestyle-related research. While MS is not yet curable, life choices that reduce inflammation and promote neuroregeneration can...

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Work Harder and Smarter, Image: bunyaritAdobeStock.comWork Harder and Smarter  
Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training  

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts may sound like a trendy buzzword reserved only for experienced athletes, but this versatile, short-form exercise is safe and effective for just about everybody, including beginners, as long as it is...

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The Cellular Magic of Compassion, Image: Таня МикитюкAdobeStock.comThe Cellular Magic of Compassion  

Dropping off a homemade treat on a neighbor’s porch or going out of our way for a stranger can make the recipient’s day, but the giver also gets a boost. Thanks to a scientifically proven cascade of feel-good chemicals like...

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Natural Remedies for Pets, Image: chandlervid85/AdobeStock.comNatural Remedies for Pets  
Seven Non-Toxic Treatments for Common Ailments  

Natural remedies and healing therapies are not just for humans, they also help pets overcome illness and maintain optimal health. Used properly, plants, herbs, essential oils and other...

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