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Feathered Friends, Image: passakorn/AdobeStock.comFeathered Friends  
The Pros and Cons of Keeping Birds as Pets  

Kata May is a 30-inch-tall, blue-and-gold macaw. “It’s nice to come home and have a conversation with a snuggly bird,” says Joshua Luther, who took over care of the avian when he was 13 years old and she was 11. Now 17 years later, Kata May holds a...

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Canine Obesith, Image: willie cole/AdobeStock.comCanine Obesity  
When Doggies Need Diets  

A year ago, Leroy became exhausted lifting his furry head. Today, he has energy to run, chase and play, thanks to his owner helping the 11-year-old Shiba Inu lose 14 pounds. Leroy was adopted last May by Peter Nguyen, a facilities coordinator in Bellevue, Washington. Back then, Leroy...

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Big Love From Small Animals, Image: drubig/AdobeStock.comBig Love From Small Animals  
The Joy of Furry Little Companions  

People think rabbits are quiet carrot-munchers, but they’re much more. Like many other small furry mammals, pet rabbits are expressive, intelligent and enjoy spending time with their humans...

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Healing Pets Holistically, Image: Healing Pets Holistically  
Integrative Vets Treat Root Causes  

Emma, a mini-schnauzer mix, was 4 years old when she started acting like a senior lacking zest for running or playing. After being treated by an integrative veterinarian for one month, she regained...

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Holiday Treats for Pets Holiday Treats for Pets  
Homemade Recipes They Will Love   

Cooking for our pets is a great way to ensure they are eating wholesome, nutritional foods. It’s also a fun way to customize a pet treat recipe to meet specific dietary needs. These three festive holiday treats will...

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Skin-Soothing Herbs for Dogs and Cats Skin-Soothing Herbs for Dogs and Cats  
Simple Ways to Reduce Itching  

From allergies to liver deficiency, many factors can itch, inflame and irritate the skin of our pets. A dog’s or cat’s skin can become damaged or compromised because the skin is the first line of defense against attacks from external substances. Skin problems in pets have...

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Cancer-Free Pets Cancer-Free Pets  
Five Ways to Help Keep Them Healthy  

Veterinarians are seeing cancer in more and younger pets these days than ever before. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, approximately one in four dogs will develop cancer at some point in life, including almost...

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Finding the Right Tune for Pets Finding the Right Tune for Pets  
Music Calms the Animal Soul  

The mood of dogs and cats can be improved by hearing the right kind of tunes, but it’s important to choose their music wisely, because they ...

Earth-Friendly Pets Earth-Friendly Pets
Our Animals Can Go Green, Too

Although cats and dogs don’t require much more than food, a cozy napping spot and human attention, U.S. pet owners spent $95.7 billion last year on their furry companions, according to the 2019...

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Coronavirus Pet Safety Coronavirus Pet Safety
Facts and Tips for Dog and Cat Owners

There are many types of coronavirus. COVID-19 is new—a novel coronavirus—and there are currently no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in dogs or cats. Dogs can become infected with a canine...

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