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Healthy Brain Strategies, Image: benjavisa ruangvaree/AdobeStock.comHealthy Brain Strategies  
How to Prevent Cognitive Decline  

A healthy brain performs mental processes known as cognition, which is the acquiring of knowledge and understanding by means of thought, experience and the senses. This includes functions and systems such as memory, learning, language, problem solving, decision making, reasoning and...

Eat Well to Feel Well, Image: jchizhe/AdobeStock.comEat Well to Feel Well  
Thanksgiving Fare that Boosts Mental Health  

Across America, people of all ages are struggling with mental health issues. Nearly one in five people is living with a mental health condition, and the number of people seeking help for anxiety and depression is skyrocketing, reports Mental Health America. According to the organization’s 2021 State of Mental Health in America Report...

Feel-Good Recipes, Image: photo by Christy RatliffFeel-Good Recipes  
Thanksgiving Dishes that Boost Mental Health  

Start this Thanksgiving by serving up healthier, nutrient-rich options to alleviate anxiety and depression, stabilize mood and promote mental health and wellness....

Mindfulness for Stressed Teens, Image: good studio/AdobeStock.comMindfulness for Stressed Teens  
School Programs Teach Healthy Coping Skills  

Teen stress levels often rival those of adults, concludes data collected by the American Psychological Association in 2017. This is especially true these days with the influx of...

The Healing Power of a Hug, Image: jason stitt/AdobeStock.comThe Healing Power of a Hug  

When we were children, a hug helped to take the sting out of a skinned knee or quell first-day-of-school jitters. In adulthood, hugs are not as plentiful or practical; many people lack partners or loved ones, and the gesture—both...

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Sacred Dance, Image: viktoriia protsak/AdobeStock.comSacred Dance  
Moving into Divine Energy  

Heart-healthy dancing of all types is known to promote overall physical and mental health. When they are spirit-infused, forms like African, Middle Eastern, ecstatic and yoga-inspired kundalini dance offer us...

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Eco-Decor for the Home, Image: brizmaker/AdobeStock.comEco-Decor for the Home  
How to Buy Sustainable Furnishings  

While comfort and beauty are clear priorities when shopping for furnishings, sustainability and health should be, too. By asking the right questions and doing a little up-front research, consumers have the power to appoint their sanctuaries with non-toxic, ecologically responsible items that are...

Simple Ways to Reduce Microplastic Exposure, Image: david pereiras/AdobeStock.comSimple Ways to Reduce Microplastic Exposure  

Plastic is a petrochemical-based, non-biodegradable pollution nightmare. As discarded water bottles and shampoo containers pile up for hundreds of years in landfills, we continue to...

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Nutritional Guidance and Weight Management, Denae TaitWellness Coach Collaborates with New Lapeer Spa   
Denae Tait, a naturopathic wellness coach, licensed massage therapist and student of natural medicine for more than 20 years, offers clients tools, supplements and guidance on how to...

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Sound Mind Counseling Relocates to Clarkston, Randall KaszynskiCertified Hypnotherapist Targets Anxieties and Behaviors for Self-Improvement   
Randall Kaszynski, a licensed professional counselor and certified clinical hypnotherapist, is now offering in-person clinical hypnotherapy and professional counseling to the greater Clarkston area and...

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