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Fall Beets, Image: everst/AdobeStock.comFall Beets  
Versatile Leaf-to-Root Eats  

Versatile, nutritious, colorful and flavorful, beets are quite the package deal. This easy-to-grow, multi-season vegetable is packed with nutrition and plays well with other ingredients. Beets can be...

The Joy of Movement, Image: New Africa/AdobeStock.comThe Joy of Movement  
Dancing Boosts Our Health and Happiness  

Whether it’s salsa, hip-hop, belly dance or ballet, finding our groove has proven to ease depression, support the cardiovascular system and improve overall joint function. By all accounts, dancing gives us a...

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The Helpful Nature of Houseplants, Image: Anna/AdobeStock.comThe Helpful Nature of Houseplants  

Nestled among books on a shelf, soaking up sunlight by a kitchen window or filling the bare corner of a living room, nothing adds beauty and interest to a home quite like a living...

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Sustainable Sanctuaries, Image: Алексей Кочев/AdobeStock.comSustainable Sanctuaries  
Supporting Human and Planetary Health at Home  

Nothing underscored the importance of a comfortable and versatile sanctuary quite like the pandemic. Stuck at home isolating, many families reconfigured their living arrangements to...

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Nadine Clopton, Image: Nadine Clopton  
on Advancing Regenerative Organic Agriculture to Health Care   

During the last century, the rise of chemical-based agriculture has severely changed the way food is produced, and we have failed to recognize its unintended consequences. Research has revealed that if we continue...

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Inviting in the Wild, Image: Photographee.eu/AdobeStock.comInviting in the Wild  

Amidst the whirlwind of our daily busyness, Mother Nature goes about her own affairs, conjuring everyday miracles from the humble trinity of tangled roots, dark soil and sunlight. On our way to our next task, we...

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Reducing Radiation Risks, Image: NorGal/AdobeStock.comReducing Radiation Risks  
Ways to Lessen electromagnetic Exposure  

We are tied to our devices, continually connected via phones, tablets and computers, but this convenience comes at a cost. Many people are surprised to learn that our...

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A Happy Halloween for Pets, Image: ShunTerra/AdobeStock.comA Happy Halloween for Pets  
Nine Ways to Keep a Dog or Cat Safe  

Halloween is celebrated on October 31, and as always on this fun holiday for humans, it’s important to take precautions to ensure furry family members wake up healthy, happy and safe on...

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Green Schoolyards, Image: Sukjai Photo/AdobeStock.comGreen Schoolyards  
Concrete Jungles Become Natural Playgrounds  

Skipping rope, playing hopscotch or shooting hoops have traditionally been enjoyed on asphalt-paved schoolyards enclosed by chain-link fencing. But over the last few decades, city leaders, school districts and other stakeholders have been...

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Integrative Bodywork, Image: Techniques that Benefit and Balance the Whole Body 
- More and more people are finding that integrative bodywork is an important tool for feeling "better in their bodies" and living their lives to their utmost potential. People are living longer and want...

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