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Lissa Rankin, Image: Lissa Rankin  
on the Mysteries of Healing  

Mind-body physician Lissa Rankin, a New York Times bestselling author and founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area, takes readers on her decade-long journey in her latest...

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Mark Mincolla on, Image: al;sfdjlweufkjasldkuMark Mincolla on  
the Healing Power of Our Superconsciousness  

For 40 years, nutritional therapist and quantum energy healer Mark Mincolla, Ph.D., has integrated ancient Chinese energy healing techniques with emerging nutritional science in what he calls Electromagnetic Muscle Testing, an approach that...

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Jeffrey Smith on the, Image:  courtesy of Duke University Sanford School of Public PolicyJeffrey Smith on the  
Threat of Gene-Edited Microbes   

When most people didn’t know what a GMO (genetically engineered organism) was 25 years ago, Jeffrey Smith, the founder and executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, was one of the leaders of...

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Frank Bruni, Image: courtesy of Duke University Sanford School of Public PolicyFrank Bruni  
on Living With Afflictions  

One day in late 2017, Frank Bruni, a writer for more than 25 years for The New York Times—including as a White House correspondent, op-ed columnist, Rome bureau chief and restaurant critic—woke up with partial loss of sight in his right eye. He found out that his condition was...

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Jeffrey Bland on:, Image: quangho/Shutterstock.comJeffrey Bland on:  
Rejuvenating Our Immune System  

Known worldwide as the founder of functional medicine, Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., began his career as a professor of biochemistry at the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, Washington. In the 1980s, he was chosen by Nobel laureate Linus Pauling to serve as director of nutritional research at...

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Ann Armbrecht, Image: photo courtesy of Bryce YoukAnn Armbrecht  
on the Business of Ethical Botanicals  

Writer and anthropologist Ann Armbrecht explores the relationship between humans and the planet, notably through her work with plants and plant medicine. Her book The Business of Botanicals: Exploring the Healing Promise of Plant Medicines in a Global Industry tells the stories of the people...

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David Perlmutter, Image: photo by  Peter RussellDavid Perlmutter  
on the Role of Uric Acid in Metabolic Health  

Board-certified neurologist David Perlmutter, M.D., has written five New York Times bestsellers, including Brain Wash, Grain Brain and Brain Maker. His latest book is Drop Acid: The Surprising New Science of Uric Acid—The Key to Losing Weight, Controlling Blood Sugar, and Achieving Extraordinary Health. ...

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Peter Russell, Image: photo by  Peter RussellPeter Russell  
on the Healing Power of Letting Go  

In Letting Go of Nothing: Relax Your Mind and Discover the Wonder of Your True Nature, Peter Russell reminds readers what lies at the heart of all spiritual traditions. Based on his half-century of practicing Transcendental Meditation and...

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Thomas Moore, Image: photo by Simone Anne Thomas Moore  
on the Art of Soulful Listening  

Thomas Moore, New York Times bestselling author, Jungian-based psychotherapist, musician and former monk, has been an advocate for conscious living since authoring his first book, Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life. Twenty-three books later...

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Michaeleen Doucleff, Image: photo by Simone Anne Michaeleen Doucleff  
on Ancient Teachings for Modern Parenting  

National Public Radio (NPR) science correspondent Michaeleen Doucleff literally searched the world to learn how to be a better parent. She learned how to raise kind and helpful children, and detailed the journey in a...

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